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October 10 , 2003, 1200 PDT, (FTW) -- Three and a half years after starting a revolution in independent journalism, Al Giordano's Mexican-based Narconews Bulletin has announced today that it is suspending operations indefinitely. Citing financial reasons connected to his fierce independence and his inability to maintain adequate support to protect his Latin American correspondents, the veteran journalist today announced that effective October 18 th , 2003 Narconews ( ) will stop publication.

There are few who write better than Al. The story of how these developments came to pass, even after he had accomplished another small miracle of founding a school for "authentic journalists", is located at . The story was posted just after midnight on October 10 th .

This is a tragic loss for all independent journalists everywhere. Giordano, sometimes alone, sometimes with the assistance of many brave colleagues, pioneered a courageous brand of "in your face" journalism that achieved some historic milestones and told truth to power. Giordano and his "journos" backed a number of mainstream publications, including The New York Times into corners that often resulted in retractions or corrections and even the recall of foreign correspondents. Narconews took on the biggest money in the form of Mexican banker Roberto Hernandez who had been connected to drug money laundering and won a landmark legal decision in the New York Supreme Court that protected internet journalists all over the world from lawsuits in distant countries. He secured for us all the same First Amendment protections guaranteed to The Washington Post or ABC News.

FTW wrote about that courageous struggle in February 2001 in an essay located at . Giordano went on to win that victory but it appears that not all fights are winnable.

Consistent with his character, Giordano has made sure that all of his people are taken care of first while having little or nothing for himself. The most important task now is to build a safety net under him which can be accomplished by sending a donation to:

Live Art1st
51 Macdougal Street, Suite 257
New York , NY 10012

And marking that check: "to support the work of Al Giordano"

I strongly ask of all FTW subscribers that you go and read the story of the apparent demise of narconews and remember that while it may be gone Al Giordano is not. He is truly a journalist for all of us and we must take care of those who have taken care of us.

From somewhere in a country called América,

Mike Ruppert

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