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NYC 9-11 Truth Takes Back Ground Zero

“The Bush Regime Engineered 9-11” – Lessons from Activist Trenches

* Overwhelming Majority of New Yorkers Supports the Truth Movement!
* Police illegally and forcibly move two people holding a sign
* Respectful Dialogue on the Streets of NYC
* Homeland Security Spies?
* Next event, January 10th


Michael Kane
(special to From The Wilderness)

January 4th, 2003 -- ( FTW ) – The NYC Truth Movement permanently, and completely, took back Ground Zero from the Neo-Conservative false-patriotic agenda today. In true New York fashion, 911 Truth activists unveiled the now legendary banner, which read, “THE BUSH REGIME ENGINEERED 9-11” in front of the World Trade Center footprint.
At least 20 women over the age of 40, of all ethnic backgrounds said, “God bless you for being here”. Dozens of photos were taken by New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world (oddly enough, including tourists from Saudi Arabia), and people were dying to get our information. 90% of the people were open to hear what we had to say, 9% were not, and less than 1% were very frightened of us so they did what any frightened animal does, bark as loud as they can. Another small percentage of people disagreed with us whole-heartily, but chose to engage us in intelligent dialogue. This included off-duty military personnel, more on that later in this report.
But it’s clear, and definitive – New York supports the 9-11 Truth Movement. The NY Truth Movement is calling for an international day of solidarity this Saturday, January 10th. We will be at Ground Zero and by extension, so will you. Make signs and banners of whatever 9-11 Truth message you want to support, and hand out printed educational material.
All day we championed American Patriot Ellen Mariani; we told everyone of the lawsuit she filed against the Bush administration for allowing the 9-11 attacks to happen for political gain. Over 1,000 Deception Dollars were handed out. One woman was distributing (9/11-family member) Mindy Kleinberg’s historic statement to the so-called “Independent” Commission to investigate 9-11. We let everyone know the Commission has been reduced to a Cover-Up Commission
Some handed out the recent, brilliant, New York Press which had 9-11 as the cover story. There were multiple strategies implemented. The diverse opinions of the NY Truth Movement were well reflected. I primarily stuck with what I believe is the most damning evidence of all, the controlled demolition of World Trade Center building 7.

Destruction of our Rights

Right at the very start, my fellow activist Jeff Blank was physically grabbed and forced backwards away from the front of the World Trade Center Path Station. He was tossed across the street for merely holding a sign. Jeff is a professional resistor of fascism, he heads the “Stop the Police State Coalition”; Lyn Stewart is his defense attorney. Jeff created our sign, and has been promoting this message in NYC for months. Nico Haupt held the banner with Jeff, and as the police forcibly moved them, Nico briefly grabbed onto a street pole in resistance.
I wasn’t there for any of this. I showed up just after the fact as Jeff was in the street yelling, loudly, about free speech and what it means to be free. Very boldly, he compared Bush regime to the German Nazi regime. Police and Military looked on, as Jeff finished what he had to say, scattered applause came from a few who showed early support.

Police try to get Jeff Blank to move again, this time without
illegally grabbing him, but try to trick him – didn’t work.

That was the last of the police blatantly subverting our Constitutional Rights to free speech. Officer Collins told us to move our sign because we were “blocking a bus stop” but it was funny, no busses were running. Not to mention that we were more than 10 feet away from the bus stop. In fact, we weren’t blocking the bus stop at all. Some vendors actually were right in front of the bus stop, and they immediately moved once the cops messed with us.
Once they moved, the bus stop wasn’t blocked – end of the issue in our eyes. The vendors get hassled regularly even though they have permits. They were very much on our side, and I am personally grateful for their silent solidarity. We weren’t moving, not after they illegally, physically, threw two of us across the street because of their own fear of democracy and free speech. There is nothing illegal about holding a sign in NYC; we were completely within our rights. The police state mentality must be stopped, and will be stopped, by the New York citizens themselves.  

Dialogue, Respect, Understanding…

At one point, two men were visibly upset with the wording of our sign. They asked us directly why we were doing this, and how could we possibly call the Bush administration a “REGIME”?
For the most part, I was the one responding to them. I quite simply pointed to the illegal theft of the 2000 election. Plus many in Europe have compared our illegal invasion of Iraq to Germany’s 1939 invasion of Poland. He did not agree completely, though there was much I was saying I could see he did agree with. He said he defends our country everyday so that people like us can do what we do. He clearly stated that we were within our rights, and said with a smile, “Hey man, this is New York!” I couldn’t agree more.
After some intense, emotional debate, we came to a point of understanding and respect. His main point was that we were calling HIS BOSS (Bush) a criminal and that reflects on him and other military men and women. I won’t reveal how he defends our country; he shared this with me in such a way that he did not expect it to be reported.
I completely understood his impression, and immediately explained that is not the case. We are not, in any way, attacking him and others who defend this country. A Bronx Vet recently told me soldiers in Iraq don’t have the proper vest to stop the caliber of bullets being shot at them. I said, “do you think this guy (Bush) cares about our soldiers? $87 billion and they can’t get our boys the proper vests to save their lives? This guy is no patriot”.
We even went as deep as to talk about Pearl Harbor. I brought up the definitive book that proves Roosevelt knew and provoked the Pearl Harbor attack, “Day of Deceit”. This man immediately understood, and silently seemed to agree. We left one another respectfully; the friend he was with even walked off with some of our information. Here is an intelligent patriot who wants to serve his country…
Hopefully, he will read our info and see that 9-11 was a war game. Hopefully, when he is involved in a future war game scenario he will think about the information we gave him. Hopefully, he is a true patriot and will be there to thwart the plans of the treasonous traitors that lurk in the shadows of the military-industrial-governmental complex.
Regardless, I will hope for the best, and continue to protest until we get the bulk of this administration subpoenaed, under oath, and in prison where they belong before they have a chance to stage another attack and “delay” the election. William Safire has predicted exactly that will happen as an “October Surprise” before the election.
Let us remember, Safire is a political insider, Nixon’s former speechwriter. I don’t think there will be another election if we don’t get these criminals thrown out, so we must get them subpoenaed and in prison ASAP. That is my #1 priority (but hardly my only strategy). Now is the time for everyone to be in the streets and demand the White House be subpoenaed. More strategies are coming to ensure this happens.
In addition, I ran into more than one fireman who completely understood where we were coming from. These brave souls have many unanswered questions and may be able to puncture the Achilles heal of the Bush regime. Time will tell.

Was Homeland Security ‘Watching’? 

I don’t know who this guy was, but he was behind us for 2 hours, watching us, with an earpiece for a cell phone on his right ear, talking to someone the entire time. He was not a tourist, he was not interested in anything the vendors were selling, and he just stood there and watched us. When he saw me observing him, he would casually look away.

Maybe I’m just paranoid?

NYC has a homeland security department, but there is no guarantee this guy was a part of that. This wasn’t the only suspicious person lurking around. When I first got there a man came up to me and interrogated me about who ‘we’ were, how often ‘we’ do this, do ‘we’ get harassed often… this guy reeked of being undercover.

Was he?  

I don’t know, but considering that we have military armed with automatic rifles in Penn Station, and often in NYC subways, this is highly possible. Manhattan is completely militarized and likely infested with all types of spies. That’s why many in the NY Truth Movement are in complete solidarity with the “Stop the Police State Coalition”, and Frank Morales “Demilitarize the Police Campaign”.  

Victims Family Members Still Get No Respect  

Surrounding the WTC footprint are metal fences that hold black
plaques meant to be some form of commemoration.

The new path subway station has been erected right where a majority of the 9-11 victims’ remains lay. The Coalition of 9-11 Families request for the Path Train station to be named the “World Trade Center Memorial Station” was completely ignored. That’s just disgusting! One very simple, respectful, decent, compassionate request is completely ignored by Port Authority and New York State. Just pathetic, completely heartless, no empathy, no understanding of what type of loss was experienced on that day. They already ignored much of the Coalition of 9-11 families were promised, and now they can’t even make a very simple, respectful, name change?
In my opinion this is very similar to the struggle to properly honor the remains at the African ancestral burial grounds in NYC. At least the 9-11 families don’t have to deal with the 400 years of racism that surrounds African struggle in this country.
All they have up in commemoration at Ground Zero are these very average plaques that say much more about the history of the WTC then they do about the victims. In the near future, the NY 9-11 Truth Movement hopes to raise awareness about the plight of the victims’ family members who, in part, feel they have been deceived in their dealings with the State of New York, Port Authority, and the LMDC (Lower Manhattan Development Corporation).

Unearthing the Truth

The most interesting aspect of what we did on January 3rd, 2003 was the discovery of some hidden secrets that are still kept close to the footprint of the former World Trade Center. As the 9-11 Truth Movement reclaims the World Trade Center footprint, truth, as is its nature, shall continue to rise from the ashes.
[Michael Kane is a freelance-writer and activist in the 9/11 truth movement living in Long Island, New York. He can be reached at]

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