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A Message to Our Subscribers and a Bonus

Thank You!


For the past seven months I have been engaged in the most laborious effort of my life, the writing of my new book, Crossing the Rubicon: America's Descent Into Fascism at the End of the Age of Oil. I am pleased to announce that the project is nearly complete and that the book will go on sale through our publisher, Los Angeles-based Feral House, sometime in the spring. Don't worry, when I have an exact release date you'll be the first to know.

The process of writing and researching this book has been costly. The most apparent cost to me was the time that it took away from From The Wilderness and building it into an even better vehicle to give you life-and-death, critical information on a timely basis. Because so much of my attention has been focused on the book, and because we are planning to relocate to Oregon as soon as possible after the book is published, FTW has lost the services of our staff writers who won't be able to make the move. As you can see, however, we have not had a shortage of material from the many great talents that are arising in these troubled times.

Next month, as a way of saying thank you to the subscribers who have been so loyal and supportive, I have received permission from the publisher to release one sample chapter from the 27-chapter book to our subscribers only. That chapter, titled Eating the Chosen People, will comprise the bulk of our next newsletter and it will not be available anywhere else, to anyone else.

And I want to promise all of you that all of my efforts will now be devoted to the critical task of timely reporting of events and an expansion of FTW's ability to keep you better informed and give you a better map of this dangerous world in which we live.

In March of 2003 FTW will celebrate five continuous years of publication. From our first mailing of 68 newsletters to a current subscriber base of over 5,000 with more than 4,000 visits a day to our web site we have all come a long way. And all of us have so much more to do. I cannot thank you enough.

Michael C. Ruppert
From The Wilderness

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