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-- "Nobody moved for almost five hours."



TORONTO - [FTW, January 20, 2002 - Posted to the www, January 25, 2002]

Near capacity crowds turned out in the 500 seat auditorium of the University of TorontoŐs medical school for two lectures by FTW publisher Michael Ruppert as he continues to use government documents, insider books and reports, congressional records, and mainstream press reports to expose US government complicity in and foreknowledge of the attacks of last September 11th.

"We didnŐt know how Canadians would react," said the co-organizer of the event Susan Bulger-Bullen of Sumari seminars. "But their interest was high and MikeŐs detailed and documented evidence was so compelling that I think heŐs changed Toronto forever, maybe Canada too." The attendance the first day was only around 250-300 because of confusion about the advertised location. However, the second lecture was filled to near capacity in the double-decked auditorium.

"Once the lecture began, the Canadian audience sucked up every bit of evidence Ruppert presented as though they had just discovered water, Bulger-Bullen added. "Nobody moved for five hours."

Using the same basic format as his November 28th lecture at Portland State University, Ruppert presented newer material, including charts from a two-part FTW series by geologist Dale Allen Pfeiffer (December/January) on the coming end of the age of oil and the massive dislocations it is destined to produce. "It is imperative," Ruppert said, "that people know that world oil production will peak within the next five years, never to be exceeded again," said Ruppert.á "This, at a time when world population is rapidly increasing and demand, especially in China, the Far East and the developing world, is soaring. This is the reason for the wars that will not end in our lifetimes."

In his two plus hour lecture Ruppert detailed the meshing necessities for the CIA, acting as an agent of globalization, to control both the drug cash and the oil of Central Asia. "People got it when I pointed out that even if we started on a crash program to convert to other energy sources, the civilization could not change away from oil quickly enough to avert the crisis. And when I described the economic dislocations involved, the millions of people who work in the plastics, power, auto and oil industries who would be thrown out of work in such an effort, people understood that this crisis is not going away with wishful thinking. That doesnŐt even begin to consider all of the money that would be taken out of the economy if those people lost their jobs."

"Mike did an absolutely amazing job and was superbly eloquent," said Dr. Terry Burrows, a Toronto psychiatrist who attended both lectures. "No one in their right mind can see the evidence that he has gathered and not understand that this is a war against all peoples of the world and that the official position is so absurd as to be laughable."

Canada has seen a flurry of legislation stripping the civil rights of its citizens since September 11th. Bills C-36 and C-42 have stripped away many of the rights held sacred in Canada and Canadians are becoming increasingly alarmed since their combat troops have been sent to fight in Afghanistan. Canada is widely known as a quiet nation, more peacekeeper than war maker.

"What helped tremendously here was getting Mike on local talk radio before the event. Canadians tend to be skeptical, but MikeŐs performance was amazing and the buzz is still continuing. One guy who is writing his doctoral thesis called and said that he would be using MikeŐs material for research," said co-organizer Loretta Stirbys. "If we had him back here today we could bring out a thousand people with no effort. I mean they gave him a standing ovation and kept him going for almost three hours with questions after the lecture. There were as many people there at the end as when he began. Emails are still flying all over Canada."

Mike lectures next at Schreiner University in Kerrville west Texas on January 30th. Additional lectures are pending or confirmed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Detroit, New York City, Great Britain and Australia. Information will be posted on the FTW web site.

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