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The Most Frightening Story I Have Seen in Four Years

Michael C. Ruppert

© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. This story may NOT be posted on any Internet web site without express written permission. Contact May be circulated, distributed or transmitted for non-profit purposes only.

February 7, 2006 0900 PST (FTW)Another Rubicon has been crossed. President Hugo Chavez has stopped inches short of declaring war on the United States. He threatens to shut down Citgo refineries and services in the US and clearly implies that his government is in direct touch with Iraqi insurgent forces and getting trained on how to defeat US forces in the field (quite a bit of that has been happening in Iraq in case you hadn’t noticed). Venezuela is arming rapidly with everything from MiG 29’s to the latest evolution of the AK 47. Chavez says everything but the obvious — If you attack Iran, this will be a two-theater war and your economy won’t last a week (two-theater, as used here, includes Afghanistan and Iraq as one theater under US Central Command).

I’ve been watching Chavez’s rhetoric for five years and his new statements here are orders of magnitude more hostile, even for the bellicose Chavez, than ever. For those of you who doubted that Iran alone, with its global economic significance, was not enough to deter a US attack, what say you about an Iranian-Venezuelan pact? A two-font war, with oil used as a strategic first strike? (I’m pretty sure that’s the way the Department of Defense and Donald Rumsfeld will see it.) For that reason, as I read this story, I can see for the first time that nuclear launch codes and procedures might be getting a dust-off.

Oil has just become the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Scissor, paper, rock.

My heart skips a beat.

What we are watching now is a giant game of chicken, with hot rods racing for the cliff to see who stops first. The problem, of course, is that either side could take the whole planet along on the trip to the bottom. There will be, and there can be, no “winners” anywhere if the human race continues to deal with Peak Oil the way it has been. I haven’t been this shaken since 9/11.

New evidence is surfacing which indicates that Global Warming is no longer a “passive” player in today’s atmosphere of crisis. I’ve just started looking into a semi-secret visit paid by the US Commander in Chief, Pacific Forces (CINCPAC) to New Zealand to meet with the senior military staff and Defence Minister Goff (no relation to FTW’s Stan Goff). What’s strange is that New Zealand’s Foreign Minister was apparently not aware of this meeting and not included.  The same situation is possible, but not confirmed, with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark. That suggests that what was discussed was too sensitive or urgent even for them. We’re working on that story.

While there’s military tension all over the Pacific, from piracy amok in the Straits of Malacca, to Sino-Japanese naval clashes over drilling rights, to occasional gunfights over oil rights between Indonesia and Malaysia, there’s not much going on around New Zealand — except for two things. New Zealand is the last staging area for every country that has bases or research sites in Antarctica. It is also our only Pacific ally that will not permit US nuclear-powered naval vessels into its ports under any circumstance. Are those two facts connected? We don’t know yet.

Antarctica has been in the news lately with regard to global warming.  As I recall the British were very concerned about recent developments there. Many countries have bases and expeditions in the Antarctic, military and scientific. I won’t speculate until I have more details but we’re working on it.

For the past three months I’ve been sensing that some kind of clock has been accelerated but I can’t figure out why. Escalations are occurring way too rapidly. It may be just that it’s time for the world to go to the OK Corral and shoot it out. On the other hand it might be possible that another force than Peak Oil has just taken a seat at the table.

In any event this barroom war of words has just inexplicably moved ten feet closer to the back alley. Knives are coming out and points of no return are fast approaching. Whatever is coming, it appears to be coming this year and we may not have the “luxury” of doing OJT to learn how to live without oil and gas.  Mine are strong words but they fall short of Hugo Chavez’s if you read those carefully. If this goes much further we will know in short order whether the Empire lives or dies. More, we will know whether it is an empire or not.

If it is not, then the barbarians at the gates will come and they will bring with them mighty appetites. If this is just the collapse of an empire, we may someday consider ourselves fortunate.

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