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425 Attend Lecture in Bush Home-Country, Strongly Supportive

Mike RuppertŐs 9-11 Lecture Series Continues at Schreiner University

[© Copyright 2002, FTW Publications, All Rights Reserved. May be copied, redistributed or posted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only.]

FTW, February 6, 2002 [Posted February 11, 2002] - On January 30, an estimated crowd of 425 people turned out for Schreiner UniversityŐs "Speaking Truth to Power" lecture series to hear From The Wilderness Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert reveal startling evidence of and a motive for US government complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001. "ThatŐs pretty darn good for a campus that only has about 900 students and in a town of about 15,000," said event organizer, Professor Tom Wells. "We had people driving all the way from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin to be here."

WellsŐ comments on the lecture reflected overall audience reaction. "I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and documentation Mr. Ruppert presented. The sources were solid. Overall, the program was an unqualified success. In todayŐs soundbite world, when you can keep a group of adults, including college students, riveted for two hours plus, you are onto something."

University freshman Stacey Daws wrote to Ruppert, "I wish to thank you for your moving and intellectual speech at our university. I have used information from you web site for multiple essays. After leaving the speech, I was amazed at how the students were discussing an extremely important topic that affects all our lives and our childrenŐs lives."

Kerrville resident Lawrence Walker wrote to Wells, "ÉI have to say I was enthralled for the next three hours - and was reluctant to leave even at 10:50, when the last salon members finally broke for DennyŐsÉ"

As was the case with RuppertŐs recent lecture at the University of Toronto, almost all of the audience stayed for a question and answer session lasting for almost two hours after the basic lecture. With each new presentation Ruppert is updating his material as the post 9-11 paradigm continues to become more clearly defined.

"Not all of the audience was pleased, said Ruppert. "I saw a woman storm out after about the first hour. I later learned that she was a die-hard Bush supporter who reportedly said something like, ÔThatŐs the last penny I ever give to this university.Ő I donŐt think the University Administration was terribly upset about it and, quite frankly, I went to Texas with the expectation and hopes of irritating a few people, not the least of whom was George Bush himself."

Ruppert added, "Follow-up response has also been very strong. An Austin TV station has inquired about flying me back for a series of in-studio interviews and there is also talk about lectures in larger Texas cities, particularly in Houston where interest in Enron and its links to 9-11 is particularly strong."

Ruppert has future confirmed speaking engagements in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and Portland. Negotiations are underway for events in New York, Michigan, Great Britain, Australia and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His professionally produced video tape "Truth and Lies About 9-11, featuring exclusive interviews with members of congress and university professors went on sale to the public on February 4th. It has sold more than 380 copies in one week before any marketing/advertising strategies have been implemented.


-- FTW staff

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Truth And Lies About 9-11