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Ruppert stuffs an 'Onion'

FTW Editor's Most Recent Lecture Draws Capacity Crowd in Southern Cal

FTW, February 12, 2002 [Posted February 15, 2002] -- A standing-room-only crowd turned out Tuesday at the Sepulveda, Ca. Unitarian Universalist Society's sanctuary to hear FTW publisher/editor Mike Ruppert's latest installment of his ongoing 911 Lecture Series.

The February 12 event featured a nearly three-hour talk by Ruppert. A number of late comers had to be turned away due to the lack of elbow room inside the packed, onion-shaped hall, appropriately nicknamed "the Onion."

A key highlight of the lecture was Ruppert's thorough presentation of a timeline (which dates back to 1997, and includes September's terrorist attacks and subsequent developments) that clearly demonstrates US government knowledge of, and complicity in, the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The vast majority of the estimated 325 people in the audience stayed from the beginning to the very end of Ruppert's lengthy discourse, which at times had the audience roaring with applause -- as well as laughter. Ruppert's comedic use of a faux-German accent to quote Zbigniew Brzezinski especially tickled the captivated audience's funny bones.  Brzezinski is the author of the 1997 book, "The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Strategic imperatives," which contains ominous and chilling forewarnings of the September 11th attacks.

Allan Taylor, the Onion's representative who coordinated the event, said the building had never held that many people at one time in its 38-year existence. "We had to bring in a bunch of extra chairs and even sofas, which we've never had to do before," said Taylor, who was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelmingly large turnout to an event that was not promoted in advance with advertising.

"The only larger event that took place here was when William Kunstler, who was a defense attorney for the 'Chicago Seven,' gave a speech in 1970 to about 5,000 people." said Katherine Geeslin, the Onion's office administrator.  In that case the Onion had installed loud speakers on the church grounds and the overflow crowd sat on the grass outside.

"Mike normally gets $1,000 for a lecture," Taylor said. "But he did this one for free because in the early days, the Onion helped him out with food and money for gas by inviting him to speak."

The "early days" Taylor mentioned refers to a turning point of Ruppert's 24-year public crusade to expose CIA involvement in the drug trade, which the former LAPD narcotics investigator recalls was late-1996 and early-1997. At that time, the CIA-drugs issue really heated up primarily as a result of investigative journalist Gary Webb's newspaper series, which linked CIA assets from Nicaragua to the Los Angeles crack cocaine boom of the 1980s.

"I have never forgotten the people who were kindest to me when times were darkest," said Ruppert. "In '96 and '97 after my confrontation with then-CIA Director John Deutch at Locke High School in Los Angeles, I had no car and was trying to recover from an injury that left me out of work for several months. In the truest form of spiritual behavior, the people at the Onion extended aid and comfort to me, and I have not forgotten that."

Ruppert's next speaking engagement is scheduled to take place February 20 at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.

--FTW staff

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