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A Tragic History of Lies, Fraud, and Death
Remains the Standard

* FDA Suddenly Approves Anthrax Vaccine by BioPort

* Nanotechnology and Gene Shuffling – New Insanity

* Scarlet Cloud Drills Point to Illegal Aerosol Vaccine “Solution”

* AIDS Vaccine Hoax – Is There an Alternative Agenda?

* Many Vaccines Proven to Promote Disease


Michael Kane
Additional research by Nico Haupt

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)

[With the looming peak oil and natural gas crisis too close for comfort, the possibility of mass global depopulation is likely inevitable. From a string of mysterious deaths among world-class microbiologists there hangs the question – what projects were they working on? Some have speculated on the possible existence of a top-secret “doomsday bug” project as a “solution” for overpopulation as we exit the hydrocarbon era.

There's little need to speculate on top-secret projects when the “next generation” of vaccines is dangerous enough. Pharmaceutical press releases are hitting the wires every day announcing multi-million dollar military contracts to create new vaccines including aerosols (potentially deliverable by airborne dispersion), nanotechnology, genetically modified pathogens, and the stockpiling of the same vaccines that have been harming Americans for decades – most notably BioPort's despicable anthrax vaccine.

With a bioterror attack on American soil having been virtually guaranteed by the Homeland Security Department, the reality of this translates into big bucks for the pharmaceutical industry. When considering Dutch economist Maarten Van Mourik's historic quote that it may not be profitable to slow the effects of Peak Oil, we need to take a hard, sobering look at what is profitable and what is happening under our noses.

By strange coincidence, as this story was out for proofreading, the New York Times reported on March 11 th that the federal government had just issued an open solicitation for enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate 25 million people. – MCR]


March 16, 2004 1800 PST ( FTW ) – The current vaccine market is valued at $9 billion and is expected to triple in value by 2012.1 How and why is this new economic bubble being inflated?


Six soldiers represented by attorney Mark Zaid have filed suit against the government for experimenting on them with the BioPort anthrax vaccine. BioPort is the nation's only current manufacturer of the vaccine. The charge states that the vaccine was considered investigational for inhaled anthrax, and therefore its mandatory administration was experimental and illegal.

It's crucial to start from the beginning. On November 2, 1970, the FDA granted an anthrax vaccine license to MDPH (now BioPort) though neither had conducted a controlled field trial. The data presented in support of the vaccine made a mockery of science for three reasons.

•  The study cited was of a completely different strain of vaccine made by Merck, Sharp, & Dohme.

•  The manufacturing process used in making the vaccine changed when MDPH took over.

•  The ingredients used to make the vaccine were changed.2

So this license was a complete fraud. How can a vaccine be licensed based on the testing of an entirely different vaccine? The whole sordid, disastrous history of anthrax vaccine follows from this central episode.

How can we even discuss the resulting mountain of distortions and lies, when the original license granted was fraudulent? The only ethical, and logical answer is to ban this vaccine in perpetuity. Think that statement's too strong?

Keep reading.

On Dec. 22, 2003, the US District Court for the District of Columbia ordered the military to stop using its soldiers as guinea pigs for dangerous experimental anthrax vaccines.3

Last year, army sergeant Rachel Lacey died from complications caused by the anthrax vaccine, according to an autopsy report from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.4 This was not an isolated case; the anthrax vaccine is the likely cause of a pneumonia-like illness that may be reaching epidemic proportions in our military.

Despite strong evidence suggesting that the vaccine is causing soldiers to get sick, the Pentagon is denying the possibility. Instead, they claim that cigarette smoking is a leading factor. Staff Sgt. Neal B. Erickson Sr. doesn't smoke, and had exhibited pneumonia-like symptoms 10 days after his fourth anthrax shot. The anthrax vaccination requires six injections over eighteen months. He received the next shot in August, and 10 days later he was hospitalized in California. All tests for viruses or bacteria came back clean. It was essentially labeled as a type of pneumonia.5

But the Pentagon does not plan on including Erickson in their investigation of what they call a “mysterious pneumonia cluster”. Erickson has said there are at least four other cases in his squadron, including another hospitalization. There are at least a hundred cases like this – and multiple deaths, many of which are not being investigated by the Pentagon.6

In an interview with UPI Editor Mark Benjamin, Erickson said, "I'm real touchy here. Come a few more months, I'm in line to get another (anthrax shot). It's not like we have a choice in the matter." Refusal could result in a court martial.5

It makes one wonder just how long the Pentagon will play these insane games of “blaming smoking” while a 2 ton elephant is sitting in the barracks. Thousands of Gulf War I veterans were poisoned by depleted uranium and the same despicable BioPort vaccine over a decade ago under George Herbert Walker Bush, later continued under Bill Clinton.8 This is nothing new!9 By now I suppose you're saying, “Thank god they stopped poisoning our troops!”

Keep reading.


Let's jump back to October, 2003, when 80.3 million of our tax dollars were spent in ordering VaxGen Inc. to develop an experimental anthrax vaccine. An additional $71.3 million was contracted to Avecia for 3 million doses of a new recombinant anthrax vaccine.10

Those are serious contracts. Obviously there are those in the military-industrial complex who weren't pleased with the court decision to stop mandatory vaccination of soldiers. Although the ruling was for a different vaccine, it set a precedent for VaxGen and other big pharmaceutical corporations.

So what happens? Within weeks of this court ruling the FDA suddenly approves BioPort's anthrax vaccine as “safe and effective” against inhalation anthrax.


In light of the FDA's sudden change of heart, the Department of Defense moved to resume mandatory vaccination of soldiers.

Judge Emmit Sullivan, who ruled that soldiers should not be “used as guinea pigs” with experimental anthrax vaccines, issued a subsequent order allowing the Pentagon to resume its mandatory vaccination program. This has been called a “temporary boost” for the Michigan-based BioPort.

In his two-page order Judge Sullivan wrote, “Although the timing of the issuance of the rule is arguably highly suspicious, nevertheless, the rule has been issued and the principal reason for the issuance of the injunction has been addressed by the government”.

Just days before this ruling the Pentagon ordered a $29.7 million order of anthrax vaccine from BioPort, part of a $245.6 million contract, in anticipation of the reversal.11

So let's say 5 or 10 years down the road a soldier, who has long since been administered the anthrax vaccine, has a child born with multiple birth defects. I suppose that's just too bad. It couldn't have been from the vaccine because the Pentagon and FDA said it was “safe and effective”. But the FDA has admitted it is still uncertain as to what the long-term effects of the vaccine may be.

ABC Medical Reporter Nicholas Regush stated that the current anthrax vaccine from BioPort is based on “hope and apparent desperation,” not good science.12 A leaflet inserted with the anthrax vaccine, which originally stated that adverse reaction occurred in 0.2 percent of cases, was recently revised to reflect a rate of 5 to 35 percent.13

This vaccine had not received FDA approval for inhalation anthrax in over 30 years, and they've held it up for 18 years since 1985, but the FDA suddenly experienced a change of heart in perfect time to reverse Judge Sullivan's historic ruling. In the FDA statement from December 30, 2003, they specifically state that their decision was based on studies from 1985, so no new supporting evidence has been presented.14 The FDA is showing its true colors here. It is notorious for conflict of interest, and much of that conflict comes from FDA ties to big pharmaceutical companies.


Just days later VaxGen was granted FDA fast track status to get their “next generation” anthrax vaccine to market. Talk about big contracts – they're receiving $280 million (our tax dollars) from three separate NIH contracts to develop this vaccine.15 They need to vaccinate our soldiers whether it saves them or kills them, and it doesn't matter which; there's simply too much money on the line to care. This is viral capitalism – destroying the host for profit.

Ironically, in the midst of this controversy involving BioPort's anthrax vaccine, UPI Investigations Editor Mark Benjamin was presented with a journalism award for exposing the problems of sick U.S. soldiers, including linking deaths in Iraq to the anthrax vaccine. Adding to the irony, the award was presented to him in Washington, D.C. in an event sponsored by the U.S. Senate press gallery.16


Attorney Mark Zaid has actually cornered the Pentagon with regard to the experimental anthrax vaccine as it pertains to his clients. This is from Insight Magazine :

The central issue is whether the anthrax vaccine is licensed for inhalation anthrax … In hindsight, the plaintiff attorney says the Pentagon might have avoided the entire controversy by claiming that the vaccine was to protect troops in case they came into contact with anthrax through the skin, because no one disputes it was licensed for that situation. "If they had taken that posture from day one they could have gotten away with it," Zaid says, although he believes there are legitimate health-risk issues even in that case which have not been fully addressed.17

If the central issue is whether the anthrax vaccine was licensed for use against inhalation anthrax, the FDA showed it was not approved for such use by issuing their statement on December 30, 2003, long after the shots were administered. There was no informed consent and the experimental injections were mandatory for military personnel, which makes the forced vaccinations patently illegal.

In the end it appears the Pentagon's lies will catch up with them. Pending court decisions will show whether the legal system works. In the meantime this dangerous vaccine, with a fraudulent license from 1970, has resumed its mandatory place for our service personnel.

Twenty-year-old Specialist Kurt Hickman, who was convicted in a December 2003 court-martial of disobeying a direct order by refusing to take the anthrax vaccine, had that conviction overturned after the mandatory vaccination program was banned by Judge Sullivan's historic ruling. He did not refuse to be deployed with his unit to Iraq.18

After the FDA had its sudden change of heart, Hickman refused the shot yet again and was charged, again, in Indiana. However, the Army dropped the charge when his unit was deployed to Iraq. Apparently Camp Atterbury commander Lt. Col. Kenneth D. Newlin intervened and the charges were dropped. In this rare exception Hickman seems to have beaten the system.

Hickman is not alone; at least three other soldiers have been deployed to Iraq after refusing the anthrax shot.19 Some brave commanders are resisting Pentagon pressures and risking the loss of possible promotions to do the right thing. Will BioPort's dangerous vaccine maintain its mandatory status when the draft is reinstated in 2005? That's going to be a hot issue when the time comes.


Where's the Congress in all this? Funny you should ask…

You may recall that Senator Patrick Leahy, in November of 2001, demanded that Attorney General John Ashcroft explain his order to wiretap attorney-client phone conversations, in complete violation of the Fifth Amendment. Leahy demanded a response by November 13, 2001. His answer came a little late. On November 16, Senator Leahy received an anthrax letter. Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader, received an anthrax letter also. Congress has been out of the anthrax vaccine debate ever since. How convenient.20

Robert Stevens, editor of The Sun tabloid in Florida died on October 5, 2001 from an anthrax letter sent to Sun headquarters. His wife, Maureen Stevens, is suing the government for lax security. Her attorney, Richard Schuler, has said DNA tests would prove the anthrax strain used was produced at the U.S. Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md. Schuler has been denied access to the DNA tests, and the federal government is asking the courts to delay the law suit for “national security” concerns.21

In Congressional Testimony on February 12, 2004, Tom Ridge stated:

($2.5 billion for) Project BioShield allows the Federal Government to pre-purchase critically needed vaccines and medications for biodefense as soon as experts agree that they are safe and effective enough to be added to the Strategic National Stockpile.22

With BioPort's anthrax vaccine receiving a sudden approval from the “experts” at the FDA, and VaxGen's anthrax vaccine given fast track approval to get past the “experts” as quickly as possible, it seems that the plan isn't to have these stockpiles gather dust. BioPort says it expects to sign its first contract to provide the anthrax vaccine for civilians sometime this year, but has not named the potential client.23 Get the picture?

Recently the NYPD announced it has undergone massive contingency exercises for the scenario of a chemical or biological attack in Manhattan. Scenarios may include mass dissemination and administration of vaccines and quarantining people in their own homes. The city has also recently changed its health codes to detain anyone health officials suspect of having been exposed to a deadly infectious pathogen.24


BioSante Pharmaceuticals has just announced a subcontract with DynPort (a subsidiary of CSC-DynCorp) to develop anthrax vaccines using nanotechnology based alternative delivery systems.25 Nanotechnology involves building new structures at the molecular level. Atoms are individually moved, one at a time, to create new molecules, some of which do not occur in nature.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease is funding $8.3 million to University of Maryland researchers to develop an oral anthrax vaccine. They hope to provide vaccination with 2 doses of genetically engineered oral vaccine.26

The World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting aerosolized vaccines for measles and rubella. Clinical trials are planned for this year and could be completed by 2007. The two systems the WHO has presented for delivery of the vaccines are jet nebulizers and ultrasonic nebulizers.27

(caption: photos originally published by the World Health Organization )

This program is promoted for the developing world, where conditions for needle hygiene are often lacking; but one can easily see the day when most vaccines will be aerosolized. These delivery systems are still beset by technical problems and safety concerns.28 Since such concerns have not stopped dangerous vaccine injections, it is unlikely they will stop aerosol vaccines. The Measles Aerosol Project has been given high priority by WHO, in partnership with American Red Cross and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). The project has received financial support from the Gates Foundation.29

The story of a secret cabinet level experiment named “Scarlet Cloud” was reported by Suzanne Malveaux of CNN's Washington Bureau on Dec. 28, 2003, and by Judith Miller in the New York Times on the same day. Miller wrote that officials stated the exercise “…showed that antibiotics in some cities could not be distributed and administered quickly enough and that a widespread attack could kill thousands” – the widespread attack was war-gamed as anthrax.30

So what's the solution? Miller's 2001 book “Germs” obliquely suggests what DARPA's idea of the “solution” might be.


“Perhaps someday the military would have a detergent that could be sprayed over people and neutralize an anthrax attack … A cloud of vaccine, sprayed over many square miles, was seen as potentially the simplest way to protect people and animals from epidemics”. 31 (J. Miller, “Germs”, pg. 307)

DARPA – the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, gave Maxygen a $3.8 million contract in 1998, and a $7.7 million contract in 1999 (Maxygen reports the contract as $6.7 million).32

Maxygen literature indicated that this was a three-year grant to use its proprietary MolecularBreeding ™ directed evolution technology to protect against a broad spectrum of Pathogens . Maxygen is involved in what they themselves call “ gene-shuffling ”, creating genetically modified vaccines working directly with DARPA.

The military asked Maxygen to develop aerosol-based vaccines that could be inhaled to ‘safeguard' people against a broad range of pathogens. Shaun Jones, the first director of DARPA's Unconventional Countermeasures program has said the value of many of their programs will not be known till they are tested on people.33

“Scarlet Cloud” was a tabletop exercise that eerily resembles the mass emergency drill on October 24 through 26 of 2000, which practiced rapid response for a then-hypothetical scenario: an airliner being crashed into the Pentagon. Check the army's own website for the details.34

That was just under two years before the 9-11 attacks. Is it possible that “Scarlet Cloud” is preparation for what is to come? Is it a guarantee that a mass biological attack is coming to American soil?

What is known is that those who would benefit the most from such an attack include BioPort, Maxygen, VaxGen, DynPort, BioSante, the Department of Defense, and large sectors of the military-industrial complex. If such an attack happens soon, BioPort would be the big “winner” since no one else has an FDA license and approval to administer an anthrax vaccine. Another big “winner” would be Bayer (now cleansed of its Nazi past), the manufacturer of the antibiotic Cipro. Such an attack could occur just as 9-11 occurred – through a complex war game scenario that is manipulated by terrorists at the top of the military-industrial-government complex.

In an age of genetically modified anthrax strains, we would never know what strain was actually used in a biological attack on the populace. The BioPort vaccine might well be totally ineffective, unless it matches the strain of anthrax that used in an attack. And if the BioPort vaccine is used in a mass immunization program it will likely cause fatalities of its own.


Members of my community in Nassau County, NY, including myself, witnessed an aerial-aerosol spray operation at 8pm on August 14, 2003 during the east coast blackout. Just like 911, the “411 Blackout” may have been part & parcel to war game scenarios.35 Part of those scenarios involved aerosol spray operations, but what for?36

The spin for the aerosol operation witnessed in Nassau County, if it is eventually required, may be that they were running drills for mass aerosol vaccination of the public.

Is it true?

Possibly. A vocal minority of high-level doctors and medical experts believes most vaccines have never been proven to prevent disease – quite the contrary. Many vaccines directly weaken the immune system, and in some cases, can cause the disease they are meant to prevent. In the case of the BioPort anthrax vaccine, multiple diseases can be induced after injection. This is a phenomenon known as provocation disease.37

Might there be a hidden agenda here? Gary Null has compiled the leading body of work analyzing the dangers surrounding vaccines. His research is well worth reading – vaccines are not what they seem. Here is one of the best summaries I've read to date on vaccines, in laymen terms, from Michael Verney-Elliot…

The vaccine scam works like this. Identify and magnify an ‘epidemic' disease, whip up world panic, and devise a vaccine against the supposed causative agent. Administer the vaccine, preferably just before the epidemic starts to wane naturally, and then, when the cases of the disease start to diminish, claim the vaccine has worked and the pharmaceutical company who manufacturers it will get the credit for saving mankind. There will be bouquets and Nobel prizes all round and every one makes a lot of money. One has only to look at the cases of the anti-polio and anti-smallpox vaccine campaigns to see the classic modus operandi in taking credit for ending the epidemics, which in the manner of all self-limiting phenomena, were already dying out before the vaccine was introduced…38

Are vaccines scams? The answer is usually: Yes, at least a scam, often worse. Thimerosal, a commonly used vaccine preservative, contains toxic levels of mercury shown to increase autism in children.39 Worse yet, Melissa Ross of First Coast News recently revealed documents that prove the CDC knew thimerosal used in Measles vaccines was linked to autism and deliberately covered it up.40


Do we want vaccines in the air? One need only reference Clouds of Secrecy , written by Leonard A. Cole, which documents clandestine American military aerosol operations unleashed in the subways of New York and sprayed in San Francisco in 1950. The operations were conducted to assess the ability of pathogens to spread through urban centers.

Cole details the case of Edward J. Nevin who died of a mysterious infection in a Stanford hospital that year. Nevin's grandson filed suit in 1981 against the government, claiming the aerosol operation in San Francisco was responsible for his grandfather's death. The judge in the case barred a scientist from testifying on the plaintiff's behalf.41

Then there is Project Shad, which Judith Miller leaves out of her book Germs . Project Shad is not listed in the book's extensive index. This is the same Judith Miller who used Ahmed Chalabi as an unidentified source for her spectacular (and now completely discredited) weapons of mass destruction claims before Gulf War II in Iraq.

Project Shad (1963-1970) was a series of despicable U.S.G. clandestine experiments – spraying aerosol clouds over tugboats filled with Americans. VX Nerve agent and Sarin gas were used, but the military never said exactly when this was done. To admit the exact date of such an illegal experiment would expose those responsible to possible prosecution.42


In a bizarre twist, a company named Emerson received critical acclaim in the business world for their backup UPS (emergency energy) systems that allowed the New York Stock Exchange to continue seamless service during the blackout. NYSE President Robert G. Britz said the successful backup systems were able to “fulfill our obligation to America's 85 million investors”.43

It's interesting that the blackout happened at 4:11pm on a Thursday. This was just after the NYSE had closed for normal auction trading at 4 pm. When the blackout occurred, there weren't 85 million investors using the New York Stock Exchange, as Robert G. Britz indicated. This writer spoke with a retired Merrill Lynch VP who said there is an after hours session of trading from 4 to 5pm, where very few transactions take place. At most, a few hundred transactions happen after hours.

This is a much lighter load to handle than the 85 million investors who were up and running just 11 minutes earlier. All stock prices were fixed at this point, so the blackout didn't cause the market to fluctuate in any way. The 411 Blackout was the perfect real world test run for Emerson, especially since it didn't happen at peak capacity. The success was a public relations dream.


Suspicious vaccination scenarios are appearing on a global scale.

In February of 2002 a pharmaceutical company named Celltrion Inc. was founded. Celltrion is a joint venture between a group of Korean investors and VaxGen Inc. In October of 2003, just two months after the 411 Blackout, Celltrion contracted Emerson to automate the first large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in South Korea.44

Emerson also works with Raytheon and AES (Applied Energy Services) Corporation of Arlington, Virginia on the AES Warrior in western Maryland.45 According to journalist Wayne Madsen, AES has a financial stake in the power companies involved in the blackouts in Chile, Italy and the Republic of Georgia. Madsen called for an investigation of AES for potential “Pentagon highjinks” regarding the recent blackouts.46 AES has a very interesting board of directors, many of whom have strong connections to the Pentagon including Richard Darman of the Carlyle Group,47 and Phillip Odeen, a military-industrial luminary with virtually no media profile.48

On January 28, 1998, as Chairman of the National Defense Panel, Odeen stated to the Senate Armed Service Committee:

While we may find ourselves facing enemies on traditional battlegrounds, it is far more likely that we will face very different adversaries and that our conflicts will include locations in space, throughout our information networks, in highly urbanized areas, within the undeveloped and developing world and, perhaps even on our own soil. Our adversaries will include not just the armed forces of nations, but also international criminals and terrorist groups.49

(*special thanks to Nico Haupt, a.k.a. ewing2001, for his research contribution regarding Emerson, AES, and VaxGen)


In September of 2000, Maxygen announced collaboration with the Scripps Research Institute to identify potential vaccine candidates for an HIV vaccine.50 In February of 2001 Maxygen announced collaboration with the IAVI – International Aids Vaccine Initiative, and DBLV, LLC, an entity established and funded by the Rockefeller foundation, to work on an AIDS vaccine over 3 years.51

Three senior executives from VaxGen, including its former president Dr. Donald Francis, are leaving VaxGen to create a nonprofit foundation to develop an AIDS vaccine. Most pharmaceutical companies won't invest in AIDS vaccine research without government grants or philanthropic donations. A nonprofit organization specializing in facilitating such financial transactions is exactly what big pharmaceutical companies need.52

VaxGen has conducted tests on its AIDSVAX vaccine in a completely unsuccessful and extremely controversial trial that specifically solicited “bareback” homosexual men to be used in one study to possibly spike the results in VaxGen's favor. “Bareback” is a term for gay men who regularly practice unprotected sex. VaxGen went as far as to place an ad on to solicit subjects for experimentation with AIDSVAX.53

Dr. Francis was one of the first to recognize the significance of the AIDS epidemic. He worked closely with French researchers to prove that HIV was the agent that caused AIDS. Note that there exists no ultimately decisive scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS. The equation we've been brainwashed to believe which states HIV = AIDS = Death, is an unproven assumption that has generated a multi-billion dollar industry described by journalist John Rappoport as “AIDS Inc.”

This is not to say that HIV is not a contributing factor to AIDS. There is a huge distinction between the words contributing and causative. But HIV is used as an indicator for an individual who will be diagnosed as having AIDS and then placed on immune suppressive drugs with the false claim that such drugs are “life saving”. But a great deal of research definitively indicates that HIV is not the sole cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. 54, 55, 56

If HIV is not the sole cause of AIDS, then how is it possible to create an AIDS “vaccine”? Journalist Michael Verney-Elliot doesn't mince words regarding so-called AIDS “vaccine” research.

The theory of vaccinating against a disease requires that one must find its true cause, and if it is an organism like a virus or a bacterium, a vaccine perhaps may be constructed … AIDS is not a specific disease but a collection or syndrome of some 30 old diseases; the so-called AIDS-virus, ‘HIV,' has never been properly isolated, let alone shown to cause immunodeficiency … The idea that an AIDS vaccine will be found at the end of the rainbow, like the proverbial pot of gold is merely a crock...57

What are the real reasons for searching for an HIV “vaccine”? Why did VaxGen conduct one of its AIDSVAX experiments in Thailand, where a military coup in 1991 has left the country wide open to quick and cheap experiments on the Thai populace? 58 Why has VaxGen claimed their AIDSVAX has shown “promise” with non-white racial groups? 59 Why were no HIV tests given to Africans diagnosed with AIDS until 1997? Why did Africans only require three symptoms – dry cough, diarrhea, and persistent fever to be diagnosed with AIDS when those are the same symptoms of malaria and tuberculosis? 60 The answers are unclear.

It is highly likely that there is a hidden agenda lurking behind the rhetoric of “vaccinating” the developing world. AIDS has been manipulated into little more than a category that may be necessary for a coming mass depopulation.


DARPA, the government agency supporting many of Maxygen's experimental vaccination programs (using public money), has seen budget increases from $59 million in 1998 to $162 million in 2001, and estimated to rise to $205 million by 2005. 61 DARPA has also brought us Total Information Awareness (TIA) – the big brother system created by convicted criminal John Poindexter designed to eliminate any and all privacy rights. Moreover the Homeland Security Act included a provision stating that if anyone dropped dead as result of forced vaccination, the vaccines makers were excluded from any civil liability.



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