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We Were Right!

Economic Trends, International Banking, The World Oil Market, WTO, The IMF and The World Bank ARE Top Courses At CIA's NEW Institute of Higher Learning
by Michael C. Ruppert

[Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. May Be Copied, Distributed or Reposted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only.]
July 3, 2002,-- 17:00 PDT (FTW) -- The CIA is now operating a university somewhere in northern Virginia. According to an entry in a June 24 newsletter published by an association of former intelligence officers, some of the courses taught at the university are "economic trends, international banking, the world oil market, and how the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, etc. and other non-governmental organizations work."

For four years FTW has been teaching that the CIA's primary role, it's raison d'etre, was to serve the interests of Wall Street and the major banks. In our recent three-country lecture tour, our documentation of the close links between CIA and Wall Street has taken many by surprise. Thirty years ago Professor Peter Dale Scott of Berkeley disclosed that six out of the first seven deputy directors of intelligence (CIA's number two position) had gone directly from Wall Street into service at the Agency. Since Sept. 11, FTW's disclosure that the CIA's current executive director, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, is a former investment banker has caused deeper rumbles. The firm he once headed, AlexBrown/Deutschebank, has been connected to insider trading on United Air Lines stock just before the Sept. 11 attacks. The NYSE's current executive vice president for enforcement, David Doherty, is a retired CIA general counsel.

This new curriculum, as reported by Reuters correspondent T. Zakaria in a May 16 story and by the newsletter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) dated June 24, absolutely and clearly establishes the priorities of the agency. Understanding this relationship helps people to rethink their paradigms when trying to understand the real role of secret intelligence operations in today’s world. As described recently by FTW friend Dr. Faiz Khan, "A paradigm is what you think about something before you think about it."

Since the U.S.-led conquest of Afghanistan was completed last November, a fresh opium crop has been planted that has currently put between 3,000 and 4,500 metric tons of opium back on the market after being harvested last month. That equates to an estimated $150 and $200 billion in liquid cash revenues that will enter the world's banking system and financial markets, mostly in the U.S. In January 2000 the Taliban destroyed some 96 percent of the country's opium crop; an act of economic warfare that took an estimated $200 billion out of the world's banking system.

The AFIO newsletter also cited a popular course as "Writing for the President." The Reuters story, as cited in Pakistan's News International on May 18, quoted the university's president Frans Bax as saying, "We are deepening the training we are going to do for a whole new generation." Clearly that training is focused on subject matters quite different from the missions the Agency likes to be known for, such as penetrating terrorist cells to stop attacks and uncovering military and intelligence secrets of potential adversaries. The Reuters and AFIO stories say that there are 11 different schools at the university and describe some of the classes as covering foreign language instruction. Many of the classes use classified materials.

The exact location of the university and access to its "campus" are restricted to those with proper clearances.

Regarding the drug trade, FTW has been focused for years on the fact that the control of the cash generated by the international drug trade has been one of the CIA's primary concerns. This was the subject of a lecture given by this writer at the University of Southern California at the invitation of Professor David Andrus in December 2000 entitled "Wall Street's War for Drug Money."

(A video of that lecture is available at



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