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-----Original Message-----
From: Michael C. Ruppert
Monday, July 29, 2002 4:40 PM
David Irving
Cc: ''
ject: Cancellation of Michael Ruppert's Appearance at David Irving Event in Cincinnati

July, 29, 2002

Dear Mr. Irving:

I am in receipt of your message today questioning why I have withdrawn from participating in your event.

I will answer your questions.

First, let me acknowledge a failure on the part of both myself and FTW’s staff to have thoroughly vetted the other presenters at your conference before issuing a “tentative” agreement to participate in your August event. In previous correspondence you did not send us a list of the other presenters. I emphasize “tentative” because we have a precise written contract posted online at and that contract was not executed by either party before I decided to withdraw two days ago. Neither have any monies, including the deposit for my speaking fees, changed hands.

However, after reviewing the list of speakers at your event I was particularly distressed to see Mr. Paul Fromm. After having researched his background and history I find that I have major disagreements with his positions and affiliations. In particular I find him to be, at minimum, someone I would categorize as being a white separatist or supremacist, and possibly a racist or even a fascist. Nonetheless without taking the time to research his entire life I have certainly seen enough to know that Mr. Fromm is not anyone with whom I would like to jointly participate in ANY event, of ANY kind.

I have also received a number of complaints from people (who had seen the promotions regarding me on your web site) alleging that you were a “holocaust denier.” While I have taken a cursory look at your site and can find nothing to confirm that allegation either way, I have seen enough to give me pause about your other positions that to me appear to be quite different from what you categorized in a previous email as “leisurely lectures on WWII controversies.”

Since 9/11/01 I have turned down a number of speaking engagements that were not solely focused on 9/11. Specifically, I have refused to participate in these events because I have had either political or credibility issues that have prevented me from offering my implicit endorsement of the other attendees. Were this a large conference devoted exclusively to the events of September 11th, representing a broad coalition of independent researchers focusing solely on that topic, I might have felt otherwise.  If a victimized public is going to survive the imposition of a dictatorship and criminal empire then many people will Ý of necessity - have to associate with others who hold different views in recognition of the greater overall threat.

But your event is not so structured.

With regard to your purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, I refer you to our published contract which states that all airline tickets purchased for my transportation must be fully refundable. We have had this policy for some time because rapidly changing events have sometimes necessitated sudden changes in my travel plans. It is quite clearly stated. And I am truly amazed that you had printed and mailed some 5,000 brochures in less than five days after receiving our email but before the execution of a written contract or the exchange of any monies.

I regret any inconvenience this may cause you but it has absolutely reconfirmed our policy that it is necessary to thoroughly vet any soliciting sponsor and other co-presenters before executing a contract to participate in any public event.


Michael C. Ruppert


“From The Wilderness”

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