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[Zionism, U.S. involvement in the current Middle East war, neocons, neoliberals, resource wars—how do they all intersect in this conflict? Michael Kane takes to task a few recent criticisms of FTW’s analysis of the war and beautifully connects the dots using rigorous research and FTW’s highly-accurate track record.--CB ]

The Global Elite Abandon The Neo-cons

Michael Kane
Staff Writer

© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications,  All Rights Reserved. This story may NOT be posted on any Internet web site without express written permission. Contact May be circulated, distributed or transmitted for non-profit purposes only.

 August 9th 2006, 2:31PM [PST] – After FTW published MULTI-POLAR DISORDER, we received a few comments from readers claiming we had abandoned our editorial position on Israel. This is far from accurate. We did not explicitly reiterate our position at that time because we did not feel we had to and, more importantly, we did not believe it was the most critical aspect of the ensuing conflict in the region.

As the global elite rapidly attempt to ditch the neo-cons and their psychotic plans, it is obvious that the neo-cons cannot succeed. The question does remain: How much destruction will come to bear before failure is undeniably clear?

But before I present the details of this critical schism within the global elite that began prior to the 2004 election and has now grown to mammoth proportions, let me reference the FTW bible – Crossing the Rubicon – to clarify our position on the U.S.-Israeli alliance:

And what might be Israel’s future role? Consider the moneyed interests behind the neo-cons as a kind of corporate board. In the new world order that is emerging after 9/11, Israel is positioning itself to occupy the position of executive vice president in charge of Middle Eastern affairs. As it does so, the financial and military powers of what has become an almost openly fascist world order continue to drive humanity toward the brink of destruction.1

And from our Military Affairs Editor, Stan Goff:

…the situation of the Palestinians bears strong resemblances to that of the Indian nations in the US.

For Israel, the water question was the key to the land question. And expansion has always been the goal. The headwaters of the Jordan River are in Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Aside from the West Bank's underground aquifer, the Jordan - which pools twice in Lake Tiberius and the Dead Sea – and which constitutes the primary water source for the whole region.

Israel and the US claim the occupation of the annexed Golan Heights of Syria as a military necessity, but this is a key headwater for the Jordan as well.

Zionists actively collaborated with Nazis. This is a verifiable historical fact. Not only did the Zionist Federation of Germany send a resolution of support to the Nazi Party in 1933, "the World Zionist Organization Congress in 1933 defeated a resolution calling for action against Hitler by a vote of 240 to 43.

The history of Zionist collaboration with fascism is barely touched upon here, because my intent is not to paraphrase the history but simply to make my point about the obscenity of Zionists now laying claim to the Nazi Holocaust as justification for the Palestinian Holocaust they are perpetrating to this very day, all the while claiming that the Palestinians and other Arabs are bent on reproducing Nazi Germany's crimes against them.2

Do not mistake our analysis of neo-con failures as support for their right-wing objectives.

The common ground held by the neo-cons and their counterparts in Tel Aviv is not a conspiracy – it is an open alliance. They produce documents stating what they want to achieve and by what means, then they sign them like a binding blood oath none can wiggle out of. Everyone understands this, especially the Arab world. If you must call it a conspiracy it is an open-conspiracy.

Another way of putting this is that the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is not a conspiracy, but the “catastrophic and catalyzing event” they prayed for in their documents – 9/11 – was a conspiracy. It is of interest to note that even within PNAC there has been a schism3, as the chaos of current events unfolding now has made it near impossible for even hard-line right-wingers to agree on strategy.


The global elite – including the Trilateral Commission and Zibignew Brzezinski – has turned its back on the neo-cons and Israel. After attending the fifth annual ASPO (the Association for the Study of Peak Oil) Conference, held in Pisa, Italy, Richard Heinberg, author of THE PARTY’S OVER and POWERDOWN, wrote extensively about a presentation given by Iranian author Terence Ward.

Ward discussed a recent Trilateral Commission Report — Is There a Plan B? — prepared for the plenary meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Tokyo, which recommended US-Iran negotiations with the goal of creating a Regional Middle East Nuclear Council, which would engage all countries with nuclear weaponry: The United States, Russia, Israel, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Japan, the UK and France. IAEA inspections would be accelerated, with open, transparent, unrestricted access in all countries. Israel would be provided with a comprehensive security package, and Iran would be offered explicit US security guarantees. Meanwhile the Middle East would be offered a modern Marshall Plan to provide Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Algeria access to the WTO and World Bank funding. A regional Middle East Water Council would deal with the region’s most valuable resource. Potential members would include Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Finally, a Middle East Energy Council would deal with the region’s other valuable resources—oil and gas. Regional pipelines, oil security, technology-sharing, and reservoir depletion and monitoring would all be discussed. Such a council would include Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran.

This plan has the potential to avert the looming conflict, but it is handicapped by conventional Western notions about the benefits of association with the World Bank and WTO. Ward’s presentation was remarkable for its depiction of Bush and Ahmadinejad as two sides of the same coin. Both need external conflict to maintain domestic legitimacy, and both are right-wing hard-liners supported by religious fundamentalists; they are also unpopular at home and habitually rely on bravado to boost their image.

There are those who maintain that a US attack on Iran is unlikely because the negative consequences for America would be severe and the benefits few or nonexistent. I recently made the acquaintance of an Air Force officer with a high-level security clearance who receives daily classified briefings; while being careful not to divulge secret information, he insisted that no bombing campaign is being seriously contemplated. I can only hope he’s right.4

Recently, General Pace, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, apparently forced the White House to agree not to use nuclear weapons in its planned bombing campaign. This rebellion by the military has infuriated the White House.5

The military is not a monolith. There is no guarantee that military officials will carry out insane orders from their leaders especially as the world elite turns their backs to them.

Zbignew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to President Carter, is the author of THE GRAND CHESSBOARD. This book laid out the need for coming energy wars in Central Asia and the Middle East. Four years before 9/11, Brzezinski stated that in order to proceed with the “imperial mobilization” necessary to commandeer the last remaining hydrocarbon reserves on the planet, a catastrophic and catalyzing event on par with Pearl Harbor would have to occur.

Now Brzezinski notes the failure of the neo-cons to implement such imperial mobilization with any chance of succeeding. Brzezinski was recently quoted as saying the following:

These neocon prescriptions, of which Israel has its equivalents, are fatal for America and ultimately for Israel. They will totally turn the overwhelming majority of the Middle East's population against the United States. The lessons of Iraq speak for themselves. Eventually, if neo-con policies continue to be pursued, the United States will be expelled from the region and that will be the beginning of the end for Israel as well.6

, Richard Debs, former President of Morgan Stanley International, said the war in Lebanon is now viewed as a U.S. war, and it will take decades for America to recover from refusing to stop the violence.7

On June 20th in Crystal City, where the Pentagon is now holding interagency discussions on energy, Matt Simmons, one of the world’s foremost energy experts, gave a presentation in which he said there should not be a military plan to fight for control of energy because the U.S. “will probably lose.” 8

These energy conversations were sparked by a small group in Washington, D.C. that formed around former Director of Central Intelligence for the Clinton Administration, James Woolsey, who has taken a strong interest in energy issues since 9/11. The group began to form just after the 2004 election.

The events are sponsored by the Pentagon but are handled by the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA). Mitze Wertheim, who has managed these events for CNA, worked for Woolsey when he was an Undersecretary for the Navy. It seems as though the neoliberals have strong Navy support right now,9 and the events transpiring in the Middle East are certain to strengthen this elite lean to the so-called “Left.”

Even before the 2004 election there were signs that the global elite and CIA were splitting with the Bush Administration.10 Valerie Plame, the former CIA agent whose name was revealed by a Bush Administration official, is back in the news having now filed a civil complaint against Dick Cheney, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and Karl Rove.11 Libby, Cheney’s former Chief of Staff, has been indicted on criminal charges for allegedly being the source of the leak that ended up outing Plame in the press as a CIA operative.

The pressure is on, and the Bush Administration can feel their backs against the wall. That’s a bad place for a bully to be, because he will usually respond with the only advantage he holds - not intelligence, or cunning, or charm, but brute force.

That is what we are seeing right now, but the bully’s elite sponsors appear to be fed up.

1 Crossing the Rubicon, page 268

2 Stan Goff, “Jurassic Park, Psuedo-events, and Prisons,” FTW, June 14, 2004

3 Jim Lobe,"New American Century" Project Ends With A Whimper ,” Common Dreams,
June 13, 2006

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5 Ibid

6 Daniel M. Pourkesali, “Brzezinski: The Beginning of the End for Israel,” Campaign
Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, August 3, 2006


8 June 20, 2006, I attended the fourth interagency conversation on energy sponsored by The Department of Defense and The Center for Naval Analysis (CNA)

9 Micahel Kane, “Discussing Energy With DoD – Conversation #1,” FTW, April 3, 2006

10 Michael C. Ruppert, “COUP D’ETAT,” FTW, June 8, 2004

11 Alan Freeman, “Plame files suit against top U.S. officials,” Globeandmail, July
14, 2006

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