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[Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. May be copied, distributed, or posted on the Internet for non-profit purposes only.]

Almost a year after Sept. 11 where are we? In the last year the Bush Administration and the financial, economic and oil interests which it serves, have proved their continued ability to move forward into totalitarianism and naked aggression faster than any forces of either domestic or international opposition could organize -- either behind them or in front of them. Optimistic and valiant, but inexperienced efforts to fight the juggernaut have started, swirled, eddied and drifted as the Blitzkrieg war that "will not end in our lifetimes" has not even so much as looked sideways. Overwhelming evidence of the regime's crimes in a dozen arenas has been brought to the surface, and yet each new revelation only spurs the Empire to accelerate its long-conceived plans rather than slow down.
As FTW predicted in May 2001 with Citigroup's overt purchase of known drug money laundering institution Banamex -- and its placement of the bank's owner, Roberto Hernandez, on the board of directors with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and former CIA director John Deutch -- the criminality of the economic elites has been so overt as to seem careless about what they did, and who saw it. That was four months before 9-11.

The middle path between optimism and pessimism is realism. And the fact is that nothing has appeared in the form of any organized effort which, based upon past experience, offers any likelihood of success in challenging the Bush Administration or those who direct it. It is the past experience issue that is so diligently ignored by those newly awakened voices of opposition who expend needless energy debating whether explosives were placed in the towers, whether the planes were remote controlled, whether an airliner really hit the Pentagon, or whether maybe Congress will actually do something about any of it. These debates are worse than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are expediting the demise of people who could otherwise be constructing life rafts. The proof already exists that the government lied.

When I was a young policeman I responded to a dead body call. The victim was a fresh victim of a homicide and his throat had been slashed so badly that his head was nearly decapitated. This was new to me, horrifying. I knelt and started to take a pulse and my training officer stopped me. He said, "When you see someone with their head cut off, it is not necessary to take a pulse." I responded that my training in the Los Angeles police academy had said that you should do this on a dead body call. He said, "When you have a dead body like this and someone seriously asks you whether you took their pulse or not, arrest them for 5150." Section 5150 of the California Health and Safety Code covers persons who are mentally ill and a danger to themselves or others.

Like those who still debate the arcane details of the JFK assassination, some 39 years later -- having never corrected the crimes that were committed then -- none of these efforts will have the slightest impact on a brutal agenda being waged to control the last remaining oil reserves on the planet, an agenda that is leading directly to a genocide of Islamic peoples all over the world, and perhaps into Armageddon itself.

Some will cheer foolhardily because the ultra-secret court established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has just embarrassed John Ashcroft, our demented attorney general, by releasing a decision showing that the FBI and the Justice Department have provided false and inaccurate information to the court to obtain warrants in criminal cases -- a function that court was never intended to fulfill. They will whistle in the dark and pat themselves on the back as a portion of the USA Patriot Act has been ruled unconstitutional in a lower court and somehow forget that most of the entire act, which was never read by members of Congress before they passed it, is unconstitutional anyway. They will forget who controls the highest court where Ashcroft will now appeal.

They will take comfort in their immature beliefs that a champion will arise to save them and they will, as so many who have come before them, ignore, deny and insult the sacrifices and lessons of so many people who have fought against this criminal tyranny only to be defeated, worn out or even killed. Here, I refer to all of the Americans who spent every molecule of soul, money, physical and emotional strength they had in the cases of the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK; Vietnam-era POWs; Agent Orange; the Contra War; CIA drug trafficking; the train deaths in Arkansas; the Savings and Loan scandals; Iraqgate; Gulf War Syndrome; the Drug War; Waco; Oklahoma City; 109 mysterious suicides in the military during the 1980s and '90s; TWA 800; and a dozen other cases. Has anyone noticed that very few of these potential teachers have shown up on the front lines since 9-11?

I have.

These people know that no one cares to listen to their lessons in the same way that each of them entered into their own struggles -- believing that their case would be different, that something would work, that right and truth must certainly prevail in their fantastic and naïve belief in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

In the meantime:
Suits have been filed by groups of victims' families against the government or the airlines asking legitimate questions about what happened on 9-11. These suits will fail completely as the government has already intervened to control what records are released in court. Certain members of the classes will be approached quietly and offered payoffs of one kind or another to fragment unity, and the lawyers will likely be compromised or worn out. A possibility exists that one suit was filed by a lawyer posing as a friend of the victims who will ultimately sabotage the case and the victim's hopes with it. That happened before with the Christic Institute in the 1980s. Those who go along with the government will be used and may get something. Those who hold out will be worn down, exhausted, intimidated and left with nothing.

Even while Congress is in recess, the FBI has stepped up a probe of certain members of the Senate to find out who dared to leak to the American people the damning fact that the National Security Agency had intercepted warnings on Sept. 10 that the attack was going to occur the next day. Ashcroft's G-Men have moved to make Senators and their staffs hand over calendars, phone records and other information that should -- by right -- be privileged information under the separation of powers. Voluntary compliance by Senate leaders like Bob Graham, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, only adds to the covert and overt intimidation of Congress that has taken place since 9-11.

Two members of Congress, Democrat Cynthia McKinney and Republican Bob Barr, who offered open criticism of various parts of the administration's illegal activities, have been booted out of the House in a very well planned and executed conspiracy. As different as night and day politically, the two had one thing in common -- they dared to criticize or question the administration's actions in the wake of 9-11. They will forever remain an object lesson to any members who would oppose Caesar.

The administration has already deployed and committed more than 100,000 combat troops in preparation for the invasion of Iraq, which will certainly result in tens of thousands of civilian casualties. That invasion may find it convenient for the U.S. to also occupy our newest declared (sort of) enemy, Saudi Arabia. Together, those two countries own 36 percent of all the known oil on the planet.
It has been decided that President Bush need not seek congressional approval before launching the invasion.

From the start FTW has been right, and we continue to be proven right, about our analysis of what led up to 9-11, and especially about the fact that the world stands at the brink of a global event which may perhaps be the most significant event in human history. The world is running out of oil. And oil is more than what you put in your car. It is the ability to do work and, most importantly, to eat. To quote Colin Campbell, Ph.D., "Mankind is not going to become extinct. But the subspecies, 'petroleum man,' is most certainly going to become extinct very soon."

When the Iraqi invasion takes place the U.S. government may have the benefit of U.N. or international support, perhaps as a result of secret documents conveniently obtained from the Iraqi embassy in Berlin during a recent temporary occupation by an unheard-of dissident group. Those documents will show Iraqi government connections to many of the 9-11 hijackers who lived in Germany before the attacks. It makes no difference whether the documents are real or not. Such tactics have been used before, for example, in the 1982 "liberation" of the Polish embassy in Bern, Switzerland.

What will be given to European governments and to the American people is a fragile pretext to sanction something that is going to happen anyway. At that moment, everything that America once represented to the world as good will be lost and the U.S. will be, and in some cases already is, viewed as nothing more than a new Roman Empire -- naked in its power, unabashed in its greed, and brutal in the imposition of its wishes. We will have reached that unique common denominator which has spelled the decline and fall of every totalitarian empire in human history -- might makes right.

And most of the American people, with their bankrupt and corrupt economy, will welcome cheap oil, while it lasts, and they will engage in a multitude of psychological and sickening rationales that will, in the end, amount to nothing more than saying, "I don't care how many women and children you kill. Just let me keep my standard of living."

If this is the best that the human race has to offer, then perhaps we need an apocalypse. I, for one, am ashamed of my government and most of my fellow citizens. One year after 9-11 the only ones who really got it right are the recent demonstrators in Portland, Ore. who took peacefully to the streets against George W. Bush on Aug. 23, only to be spayed with pepper spray and shot with rubber bullets. And I'm not sure that even they understand what is at stake yet.

Michael C. Ruppert
FTW Publisher/Editor

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