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For an very important and belated update to this bulletin written 48 hours after the attacks please click here.


Sept 13, 2001 -- 1500 PDT

Credible Evidence, Expert Witness Testimony Convincing

No Explosives Hidden in WTC


FTW - Based upon a detailed review of an interview with a NY architect who is expert on high rise construction and upon today's BBC story which I have linked at the bottom of this page, I am now virtually certain that there were no explosives placed within the WTC buildings. The motive for such a move would have been unclear in light of the drama and the security risks for "pre-event" compromise posed by dual efforts that would have accomplished the same ends.

Discovery of the explosives before the hijacking would have emptied the buildings and placed the nation on alert before the hijackings could have been carried out. The WTC towers would have been evacuated and that would have reduced the impact of the crashes.

Gravity would have taken all of the unburned fuel down central shafts of the building and the physics in this story are consistent with both witness statements and other expert interviews I have read.

In addition, my ex-wife Mary lives a block away and witnessed both the second crash and the collapse of both towers from a close distance. Neither she, nor any other person she knows, heard any explosions or believe that secondary charges were a factor in of the collapses.

I will be posting a more detailed bulletin for my subscribers on this shortly.

Mike Ruppert

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