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October 26, 2001 - 1300 PDT


FTW - In a story posted on October 24, FOX News has confirmed fears of attacks on nuclear power plants using commercial airliners. The report, jointly written with the AP, even has a photograph of a jetliner flying directly over the Three Mile Island Nuclear Facility. FTW warned of a threat to this facility on October 19 in a story located at I have received dated documents, as of October 24, originating with computer expert Michael Riconosciuto, that clearly confirm that he had warned the FBI and members of Congress that Islamic terrorist groups in North America were in possession of Strella-3 and IGLA-9 surface-to-air missiles as long ago as this February.

The sudden shutdown of the Harrisburg airport - adjacent to Three Mile Island - on October 17 was indicative of fears of more than just a possible hijacking attempt. Why would it be necessary to shut down an entire airport, and all air traffic around it to prevent the hijacking of just one aircraft?

The FOX story and the compelling photo may be viewed at,2933,37157,00.html

What else aren't we being told?

Mike Ruppert


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