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Is FTW Being Blocked By Your
Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Over the past month we have received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from people who cannot get FTW's e-mails. Whether it's for password retrieval, order confirmation, or other types of communications, certain ISPs have filtered FTW out of the online fray.

It is important to note that people who use America Online or access the Internet through a corporate firewall have experienced problems getting to our website or receiving our e-mails.

Our tech department says that the only explanation for this is: filtering. Because of the dramatic mis-use of email advertising (SPAM) there are ways an ISP can block a known SPAMer. However, these tools can also be used to filter out legitimate e-mail and websites, which may be the case with our site's recent problems.

If you have trouble getting our site online or through e-mail, contact your ISP  or corporate IS department and tell them FTW is definitely not SPAM! We only send emails to our subscribers.

Our websites are:


FTW Graffiti Draws Legal Ire

FTW supporters in San Francisco have taken to scrawling "" on advertising sites owned by National Promotions & Advertising, Inc. (NPA). Saul C. Janson, an attorney for the firm, has sent letters alerting us to the situation and asking that we publish a public notice discouraging our readers from defacing NPA's property.

From The Wilderness does not condone or encourage this type of activity.

So, if you feel the need to tag copvcia, please do so in a legal manner, and not on billboards or private property.

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