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The first, and historic, Pacifica Radio Local Station Board (LSB) elections are fast approaching.

Attention California Subscribers!!!

Dear FTW Readers:

The first, and historic, Pacifica Radio Local Station Board (LSB) elections are fast approaching. By this Friday, November 21st, you must be an enrolled Pacifica Listener-Sponsor i.e. have paid ($25) or volunteered three hours to become an eligible voter in this attempt at a democratically elected board for a major broadcast outlet.

Pacifica station KPFK 90.7 is the strongest FM radio signal in Southern California. Its range encompasses over seven million people in the Los Angeles area. The entire five-city Pacifica network can reach 25 million.

Imagine if they all could hear people like Catherine Austin Fitts, Cynthia McKinney, Peter Dale Scott, Michel Chossudovsky and me on a regular basis. Imagine if it could sponsor speaking tours for us and advertise and promote them in San Francisco, LA, and New York. Imagine having these speaking engagements broadcast over a large FM network in five major cities around the country. That is the potential of this extraordinarily powerful network of just five stations (New York, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington, DC).

Until now there has been no mechanism for taking control of the Pacifica network away from neo-liberals and spin meisters like Marc Cooper and David Corn and their allies. But now there is. People who care intiated legal actions that have the could reconstitute Pacifica and enable it to fulfill its original Mission Statement of dialogue to explore the causes of conflict. Those legal actions have thus far managed to install non-members of the Liberal Establishment, like KPFK General Manager Eva Georgia and Program Director Armando Guidino in LA. In turn, Georgia and Guidino have attempted to expand the message of Pacifica and extend its outreach into previously ignored communities. Now is your opportunity to help them expand even more. But to do so you must register to vote and become eligible this week!

FTW has networked with Free Speech Pacifica activists, and I have appeared several times on KPFK but not without conflict. That can all change now. But those interested in suppressing real and effective broadcasting know how dangerous Pacifica and KPFK can be if Eva and Armando survive and are backed up by a Local Station Board that supports them. These two courageous broadcasters have been the object of a campaign of slander and libel which has included the accusations of people from Eva's home in South Africa where she campaigned against apartheid and the goon squads. Eva and Armando are the only large-station managers we know who will consistently broadcast subjects of interest to FTW readers like drug trafficking, Peak Oil, Wall Street money laundering, Bush administration complicity in 9/11, the sinister plans of PNAC, and political assassinations.

There are some good candidates running who we will endorse after the December 5th candidate nomination-endorsements deadline. As you know, FTW sells and endorses a book co-edited by James Di Eugenio and Lisa Pease, "The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK, and Malcolm X." Jim Di Eugenio and I are friends and allies in a common cause: the redemption of the American political system. FTW is strongly endorsing Jim's candidacy in the upcoming KPFK elections. Jim wants to get more of these matters in front of the Pacifica audience and he has the experience and knowledge to really deliver for KPFKJ listeners

You should be sure to register to vote by bringing $25 in cash or a check over to KPFK at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North Hollywood, California 91604; by calling Subscriptions at 818-985-2711, ext. 508, where they will accept a credit card; or by entering it on KPFK's website at But you must do so by this Friday, November 21, 2003.

Also, Jim will be speaking in Long Beach this Wednesday (tonight), November 19th, at 7 PM at Books 2000+, 309 Pine Avenue. This will be in honor of the 40th anniversary of President Kennedy's death. The woman who owns this store is a strong supporter of Eva and Armando, and she will make election packets available there.

To all FTW readers in Southern California we urge you to register and vote in the KPFK elections. This is truly something you can do to make a difference.

I apologize for not not getting this message out to you sooner but I was delayed in my return from a scheduled lectured trip to New Mexico.

We can be heard at KPFK and the Pacifica potential is too much for us to ignore in our struggle to get good and nutritious information out to a really hungry world.

Mike Ruppert

P.S. -- KPFK listeners in Berkeley, New York, Houston and Washington DC can register to run as candidates or vote for their local boards by contacting their local Pacifica station and asking for details.

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