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In the October 15 issue of FTW we wrote that the Miami Herald, on October 9th, had published the results of the final BDO Seidman manual recount of votes from the November election. Those results indicated that Al Gore had won the state of Florida by 662 votes. This information was derived by our researcher from the web site The statement on the Democratic web site stated, "Without counting a single hanging or dimpled chad, Gore won by 662! The votes below were crystal clear votes as determined by the Miami Herald’s accounting firm, BDO Seidman. Under Florida law, all of these ballots should have been counted by election officials on Election Day. Their failure to do so is Official Misconduct, not ‘Voter Error!’"

So it was BDO Seidman which released the information, speaking as the Herald’s accounting firm. The Miami Herald did not, in fact, publish the results in the paper. We herewith correct our statement but then we ask the question, "Why didn’t the Herald publish this critical story?"

Mike Ruppert

"From The Wilderness"

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