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Please forward this open letter to FBI Director Mueller, to everyone on your networks, and to members of Congress. Thank you.

November 5, 2001

The Honorable Robert S. Mueller, III


Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000

Re: Anthrax Mailings Possible Industrial Espionage

Dear FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III:

The New York Times (Saturday, Nov. 3, 2001, pp.1 and B9) reported your request for scientists and citizens to step forward with information that may help the FBIŐs investigation into the source(s) of the anthrax mailings. I am contacting you as a Harvard graduate, public health researcher, and award-winning author of a national bestselling book on the subject of bioterrorism. On October 1, 2001 I personally provided your bureau with potentially critical information regarding possible industrial espionage regarding the anthrax mailings that might help your investigation. My colleagues and I, recognizing this information was most urgent, personally delivered this intelligence to FBI agents in Coeur dŐAlene, Idaho. (See posting at "Apocalypse Prevention Project" at

To my knowledge, our concerns, to date, have been completely neglected by the bureau, but not by certain media investigators. (See the Washington TimesŐ Insight Magazine posted Nov. 5, 2001 at

I will not reiterate my evidence here, but I wish to make a second formal request for, at least, the courtesy of an official response to my letter of October 1. Having heard President George W. Bush and leading administration officials state that "no stone will be left unturned" in the anthrax investigation, and that "every lead is being followed," I can only relay my heartfelt sadness that this has not been done in my case, to my knowledge. Apparently, the information I submitted was brushed aside, otherwise I would have expected a follow-up call from FBI investigators.

I sincerely hope that your agency will diligently attend to evidence that the Bayer Corporation and/or its directors/investors may be administratively and/or financially linked to the anthrax mailings. This historically untrustworthy company has been officially linked to holocaust atrocities and terrorist activities leading to WWII. At minimum, a clear possible motive for the mailings would be industrial espionage as Bayer has profited most, thus far, from these crimes.

Besides my initial concerns, additional impetus for such an FBI investigation is based on:

1) The sophisticated nature of the mailed silica-mixed anthrax powder strongly suggesting its origin from (quoting the NYT) "a state-run weapons program like those in the United States . . . in the 1960s [allegedly] before the government abandoned its biowarfare development program." (It should be noted that the CIA, according to the U.S. Congressional Record was still stockpiling Bacillus anthracis well into the 1970s and likely beyond. See this evidence on Exhibit 1, from the Director of Central Intelligence, reprinted on page 278 of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & EbolaŃNature, Accident or Intentional?), and

2) Again quoting the NYT, "the anthrax might have been obtained from a state-sponsored weapons program, it could also have been made in a more modest laboratory by a technically adept microbiologist with expensive equipment and enough knowledge to handle the deadly microbes . . ." Again, this suggests the possibility, if not probability, that the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) the U.S. Congress determined had supplied Saddam Hussein with 19 shipments of anthrax in the months and years prior to the Gulf War may have shipped anthrax to Bayer Company (or affiliated CIA) officials for Cipro or other experiments in which "expensive" technology was brought to bear on the creation of such a "weaponized" form of anthrax powder.

It should also be recalled that the CIA helped many Nazi scientists and wealthy German industrialists escape to America and elsewhere during Project: Paperclip at the close of WWII. These people included world class biological weapons developers such as Erich Traub, who went to work for the U.S. Navy.

To prove that I have accurate intelligence on this matter I wish to point out two pieces of evidence additionally implicating the CIA in this possible conspiracy. Concerning anthrax risks, I was able to accurately predict approximately 6 months in advance (July, 1997; See ), that Mr. Larry Wayne Harris, would be used by the CIA to disseminate anthrax propaganda. You may recall that Mr. Harris was arrested ("set up" according to his intimates) in Las Vegas the following December for illegally transporting anthrax spores. Quoting from my statements published December 30, 1997 in CONTACT: The Phoenix Project, I responded to questions concerning anthrax bioterrorism, and medical preparations, including vaccinations, thusly:

"Look at the motive behind the persuasion, and what is it? TheyŐre preparing us for a biological holocaust and theyŐre going to blame it on the Muslims, Christian patriots, and militia groups. The militia groups are already dysfunctional because theyŐre penetrated by agitators.

Interesting that our good old friend Larry Wayne Harris is again in the center of this controversy. He alleges to be a Christian and patriot, and yet he goes to the Preparedness Expositions and shows the hardware to produce and disperse the bioweapons . . . This man acknowledges being a CIA operative, acknowledges having friends from the CIA that feed him, alleges he was involved with the CDC.

American intelligence officials are seeding authors, reporters, and investigative journalists, saying that itŐs the Christian patriots who are now the ones who are suspected of being the future terrorists in bioweapons attacks. If this isnŐt an obvious setup, my name isnŐt Len Horowitz. Harris is setting up the Christian and patriot movements to be the fall guys for the most untrustworthy people who are in charge of these bioweapons." (Martin R. "Anthrax Vaccine: Cure of Conspiracy" CONTACT: The Phoenix Project. Vol. 19, No. 6, Dec. 30, 1997. p. 3.)

Obviously, Mr. Mueller, with such accurate and prophetic analysis supporting my professional concerns, my life, as much as yours, is at risk. I am willing to sacrifice my life for God and truth in defense of the American people, especially in efforts to avert massive killings that may accrue from overlooked biological and chemical threats; even if these threats include elements within our own cryptocracy. ShouldnŐt we the People of the United States expect the same from you, our highest ranking FBI official?

FBI Director Mueller, are you willing or unwilling to call for anthrax mailing investigations that may involve multinational pharmaceutical companies and even the CIA? If not, please provide my colleagues and I, for the benefit of all researchers and media reporters, the evidence that contraindicates such investigations. Please articulate, in writing, your concerns for those in our vast network that desire to remain sincerely assured that our government is doing everything in its power to save lives rather than careers.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

President and Publisher,

Tetrahedron Publishing Group

Cc: Members of Congress and

ááááá to whom it may concern

[For further information, please contact Len Horowitz at - FTW]

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