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Urgent Alert - Stories Breaking That Saddam Has Rare Weaponized Smallpox From Russia

December 3, 2002, 9:45 PM PST (FTW) --  I just picked up the following story from the net.

Thus far the Homeland Security, mass vaccination, biowarfare and Iraqi war issues have been running on parallel tracks. This story joins them together. While I personally believe it unlikely that Saddam actually has or will use these viruses I also think it extremely likely that the more Draconian measures on the drawing board for repression here at home have now been placed in the starting blocks. By all reckoning - after the unexpected delays in the Iraqi invasion plan that were caused by successful politicking at the UN - FTW now expects that the invasion will begin on the next new moon cycle around January 2nd.

Although the story indicates that Hussein might be able to deliver the virus via Scud missile - an implied direct threat to Israel - he is also equally certain of immediately devastating and possibly nuclear retaliation. He would unleash a whirlwind he could never hope to survive and Saddam Hussein is first and foremost a survivor. Bioweapons, if he has them, are a zero-sum game for him.

Rather than fear what we will be told is a heinous plot by Saddam to kill us all, we should be more afraid of the well-planned dark night of tyranny, death and suffering that is about to descend all over the globe. This story and the linkage that it represents are the ringing of the doorbell from an uninvited visitor who plans to steal away with whatever vestiges of civil liberty remain in this country.

I leave Friday for a week of business in the Dominican Republic. I hope that things will not have changed too much on my return and that I will have time to finish writing my book "Across the Rubicon" in time to see it published. I have said for a year that the Empire is many steps ahead of those who are futilely trying to organize protests, coalitions and house parties. To my way of thinking there is only one weapon available to the American people if they will but use it. That weapon is their wallet.

Massive national boycotts of all products associated with AOL/Time Warner, Lockheed, Citigroup, ABC, Disney, Microsoft, Viacom, The New York Times, The Tribune Company, The Washington Post, General Electric, Halliburton, and the pharmaceutical companies will have an immediate impact. But the boycotts and the refusal to feed this corporate structure must be national in scope and occur at the height of the Christmas shopping season. I am not hopeful because even though they are awakening, the American people have not yet grasped how far the tyranny has progressed.

Americans must break themselves of consumerism and the belief that they "must" have products that keep this machine running. If they are unable to muster this will now, they will soon be doing without things of much greater importance - things which are irreplaceable from the neighborhood store.

Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness


Iraq May Have Smallpox

ABC News - Dec. 3, 2002 - by Brian Ross

American intelligence officials are investigating whether a Russian scientist transferred a particularly lethal strain of smallpox to the government of Iraq in the 1990s, ABCNEWS has confirmed.

As first reported in The New York Times, the allegations involve a smallpox strain stored at the Research Institute for Viral Preparations in Moscow.

Intelligence officials say an informant has reported the institute's late director, virologist Nelja Maltseva, moved the smallpox on a trip to Iraq in 1990.

"Maltseva had access to the entire collection, in all probability, of the Russian strains of small pox - at least a hundred," said Dr. Alan Selikoff, a scientist at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M.

The collection includes an especially deadly strain of smallpox involved in an outbreak 30 years ago in the remote Kazakhstan city of Aralsk.

Selikoff, who first revealed the Aralsk outbreak earlier this year, says it's possible that strain is also resistant to known vaccines. Even if a vaccine were available, it would not stop the spread of this rare strain of smallpox, but Selikoff said it would help limit the number of deaths.

"It raises the specter of the transfer of the disease to the Iraqi government that might cause more problems than the garden-variety smallpox would if it were ever introduced into the open again," said Selikoff.

Concern of Possible Attack
In fact, Selikoff's research suggests the Aralsk smallpox strain could be easily spread by missile, in the air across wide areas - something not previously thought possible.

"Smallpox in the hands of Saddam Hussein is a great concern and obviously a more virulent strain is of even more concern," Rep. Chris Shays, D-Conn., told ABCNEWS.

In the last few months, Israeli officials and emergency workers have begun a rush smallpox vaccination program, based on fears they are in the range of Iraqi Scud missiles.

In the United States, government scientists say the new allegations involving Iraq and smallpox raise the stakes for President Bush, who must soon decide on the scale of a smallpox vaccination program here.

A federal plan being considered would offer the inoculation first to emergency workers, who would be most likely to come in contact with a contagious smallpox patient.

Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office is the first law-enforcement agency in the United States to offer all of its deputies the opportunity to be vaccinated against smallpox.

Copyright 2002, ABCNEWS.COM

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