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A Bigger Picture

-   A Planet Running Out of Oil

-   Devastating New Evidence on Insider Trading

-   1,000 Turn Out To Hear Mike Ruppert in Portland, Oregon

-   A Dramatic Court Victory for Internet Journalism

[C] Copyright 2001, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications,  All Rights Reserved. Please visit web site for Reprint Policy]

I wanted to write more for you this month. I spent four days in Washington from the 11th to the 14th and what I saw there has give me a texture for my understanding of the world, post-9/11. More than 30 conventions have been cancelled. The normally jammed Washington streets are empty of traffic. Three times I watched cabbies get into fights over fares - so hungry were they for the tips that would feed their families. I did a radio show at the ABC-owned radio station WMAL. Of the 30-40 shows I have done since September 11th this was the only one with a hostile audience. It was not difficult to understand why. This is a city where mortgages and grocery bills are paid by government paychecks.

I heard Congressional staffers observe that all the new fortress-like security made them think that perhaps the government was preparing more for civil unrest than for another terrorist attack. This, in context with a request made to me by Congressman Ron Paul, that I mail an advance copy of FTW's video of the Portland State lecture to the home of one of his staffers -- (Cont. below)



In our story dated 11/2/01 in which we presented a complete timeline of events - before and after September 11th - indicating U.S. government complicity in the attacks and demonstrating an agenda other than what we are being told, we made a small error.

We would like to correct it.

In what was previously Item #16 of the timeline we stated that 23,000 British troops plus the largest British Naval Armada since the Falkland Islands War had been "pre-positioned" in Oman in an operation called "Essential Harvest."

In fact, the deployment of British troops was underway and had been planned for four years but the troops had not yet arrived in Oman. This coincides with writings from Zbigniew Brzezinski and other evidence showing that the current war had been in the preparatory stages for at least that long. The correct name of the Operation is "Swift Sword."

The attacks of September 11th caused a brief hiccup in the British deployment but - as we have confirmed from British military web sites and The Guardian - the huge deployment to Oman did take place, conveniently, as had been planned.

It was just in time to support U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

The timeline story has also been enhanced with shocking new revelations from the BBC's Greg Palast (See Item #2).

The story and the online Nov 20, issue of FTW had been corrected and we apologize for any inconvenience.

The trust of our readers is the most important thing we possess. Therefore, we will always make efforts to correct any inaccuracies, no matter how small, so that you may quote us with confidence.

-- No Longer In the Wilderness

1,000 Turn Out In Oregon to Hear Mike Ruppert Expose Government Complicity in the WTC, Pentagon Attacks

FTW, December 5, 2001 - On November 28th an estimated 1,000 people came  from as far away as Seattle and San Francisco to Portland State University to see FTW Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert give a 2.5 hour lecture and documentary presentation on the events surrounding the September 11th attacks and their aftermath. Starting with an offer of $1,000 to anyone who could show that any of the sources he cited were not authentic or misrepresented, Ruppert launched into an display of more than 40 visual exhibits showing government complicity in and foreknowledge of the attacks.

The event was organized by the campus newspaper The Rear Guard and its editor Dimitris Desyllas. "I never expected that we would have this kind of turnout," Desyllas said. "But it is obvious that the public has very deep concerns about what we are being told and what the government is doing. We eventually brought in 860 chairs and there were people all around the walls and on the floor." One of the volunteer videographers at the event was a Native American spiritual teacher of the Dakota Sioux nation, Skip Mahawk. Mahawk, then with the 101st Airborne Division, won the Congressional Medal of Honor at the legendary 1969 Vietnam War battle known as Hamburger Hill. Mahawk refused to accept the decoration.

Ruppert's lecture was full of documentary evidence. After pointing out - among other things - that the Chief of Pakistani intelligence (approved for his position by the CIA) ordered a $100,000 wire transfer to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta; that the Bush family had business dealings with the bin Laden family through the Carlyle Group, that the U.S. and British governments had extensive military deployments already in the area before the attacks, and that the Bush administration had ordered the FBI to stop investigating two relatives of Osama bin Laden living near CIA headquarters this January, Ruppert launched into the centerpiece of the lecture which was a visual presentation of his timeline of events around September 11th - which left some members of the audience in tears.

.Special attention was also paid to a newly resurrected Unocal pipeline to transport oil and natural gas from the Central Asian republics to the Pakistani

coast for sale to China and Japan. Henry Kissinger is on both ends of that deal.

Audience reaction and anger was strongest as Ruppert presented selected quotes from "The Grand Chessboard," a 1997 book by former Carter National Security Advisor and member of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Those quotes - along with maps of Central Asia - indicated clearly that the current war had been in the planning stages for at least four years. Two particular quotes from Brzezinski indicating the need for a Pearl Harbor-like attack evoked boos and hisses for the intelligence expert and professor who also served in the Reagan Administration.

Ruppert closed the lecture with an analysis of the assault on American civil liberties since September 11th in the form of the so-called PATRIOT Act and several unilateral decisions made by President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft which have effectively nullified three amendments to the Bill of Rights and taken away part of another. He also showed documentary evidence from Congress supporting his claim that the Bush administration was going to loot the Social Security Trust Fund.

The audience responded to the lecture with a two minute standing ovation. [This story with photos is on the web site at]

A Bigger Picture (Cont. from Page 1) - helped me to understand better the new America we live in. The reason for Paul's request was simple: members of congress still find it hard to get mail.

I saw first hand the power of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in a mark-up of a resolution condemning Iraq. But I did not fall for planted government spin -- coming from places like FOX News -implying that Israel is somehow a real villain here. Israel can fight dirty. Israel can fight ruthlessly. But it is, like the cab drivers I saw on the streets, fighting for its life. And the Palestinians are the world's unwanted.

As the bin Laden tape bombed on world television on Friday and Saturday, even before its many holes started appearing in the European press and ABC news, I learned that my mother was dying. Between frantic phone calls to the ER and while making decisions to remove her from life support, I boarded an American Airlines flight home to be there for her last hours.

On that flight I met a flight attendant who had lost her best friends on Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon. She consoled me over my mother and I consoled her over the loss of her friends. There was no shock or outrage in her face as she listened to what I knew about 9/11 - only grief.

Whether Jew or Arab, Christian or Muslim, government employee or cab driver, member of congress of journalist, we are all ultimately bound and united to each other by only one thing - our humanity. And in our psychological need to make sense out of things we will surely miss the bigger picture if we forget this and seek false comfort in stereotypes.

I would have written more for you this month but my mother died on December 16th. And I have found it necessary to stop and be human for a moment.

Al Giordano and Narconews Win Big!

Internet Journalism Now as Protected as the New York Times

"In a court decision that was largely overlooked by the mainstream media, a New York Supreme Court judge has issued a ruling in a libel case that extends the same speech protections to online journalists that their print, radio and TV colleagues have enjoyed since the famous Sullivan v. New York Times decision of 1964.

"More important, it means that states, politicians and powerful corporate entities will have a much harder time taking online journalists to court in the United States for statements that may have been made in the U.S., or even in other countries." - The Christian Science Monitor, 12/20/01

Al Giordano, FTW's good friend and fearless journalist beat the suit by Mexican bank Banamex to silence his internet website at For details on the story see FTW (Vol. III, No. 11 - 2/28/01) or go to Al's site or visit:


The Background is Oil


Dale Allen Pfeiffer

Please Click Here To Read The
Background is Oil Story



 Tom Flocco - Edited by Michael C. Ruppert

[FTW, December 6, 2001 -- On October 9th, FTW broke a story on insider trading connected to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center that sparked worldwide controversy. In that story we reported how the Israeli Herzliyya Institute for Counterterrorism had documented that unknown individuals -- with accurate foreknowledge of the attacks -- had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of "put" options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.

 Additional companies hit hard by the insider trading included Axa Re(insurance) and Munich Re as well as American investment giants Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

 Put options are essentially a bet that a stock's price will fall abruptly. The seller, having entered into a time-specific contract with a buyer, does not need to own the actual shares at the time the contract is purchased. Therefore, if a holder of the put option has a contract to sell a stock such as American Airlines for (e.g.) $100 a share on a Friday and the stock falls to $50 on Wednesday, they can purchase the stock, sell it on Friday and double their money. The person on the other end of the contract (the call) has an obligation to buy the shares at the agreed upon price. The bank handling the transaction as a broker is the only entity knowing the identities of both parties.

 FTW also revealed that the A.B. Brown (Alex Brown) investment arm of the banking giant Deutschebank/A.B. Brown had been headed until 1998 by the man who is now the Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency - A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. In fact, Krongard is but one name in a long history of CIA interconnections to stock trading and the world's financial markets. We also discussed, in detail, the evidence indicating that the CIA and other intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time for the purpose of identifying potential attacks of any nature that might damage the U.S. economy.

 The original FTW story is located at:

 Critics of FTW's initial story - not having read any of five related stories dating back to an October 2000 piece on PROMIS software - claimed that we had not made the links to establish culpability. But we knew that the links were there, that our case was solid, and that new evidence would not go undiscovered for long.

 Now, investigative reporter Tom Flocco digs deep and strikes pay dirt in a three-part series that reveals not only deeper links between the CIA, Wall Street and the insider trades of 9-11, but also discloses that a key executive at Deutschebank - an American - became, just weeks before the attacks, a convicted felon. His crime: conspiracy to launder drug money to arrange the purchase of U.S. weapons - in association with two Pakistanis who also attempted to acquire nuclear bomb components - for use by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. - MCR]

CIA Does Not Deny Stock Monitoring Outside U.S.

(Part I in a series) -- In a returned phone call from the Central Intelligence Agency, press spokesman Tom Crispell denied that the CIA was monitoring "real-time," pre-September 11, stock option trading activity within United States borders using such software as the Prosecutor‘s Management Information System (PROMIS).  

 "That would be illegal.  We only operate outside the United States," the intelligence official said.

 However, when asked whether the CIA had been using PROMIS beyond American borders to scrutinize world financial markets for national security purposes, Crispell replied, "I have no way of knowing what operations are [being affected by our assets] outside the country."

 Extensive media reporting confirms that investors at Deutschebank-Alex Brown and other global financial entities may have profited from prior knowledge of the attacks while purchasing disproportionate pre-attack put option contracts on targeted U.S. airlines and related insurance or investment firms. All of these firms suffered serious losses resulting from the September 11th attacks and their stocks abruptly plummeted.

 Confirmation that the CIA or other U.S. intelligence agencies were monitoring financial markets and had seen these trades before the attacks would have staggering implications for thousands of victims' families.

 The CIA official also declined to comment on the actual capabilities of PROMIS.  The highly technical software has been described as a system that "interfaces with any police can input an alleged terrorist's name or credit card, and the software will provide details of the person's movements through purchases...," according to an 11-10-01 Toronto Sun report.

 The importance of PROMIS is that it is not only capable of interfacing with a wide variety of data bases in different computer languages and then integrating the data, but it has also been modified for intelligence purposes. It has then been sold throughout the world by spy agencies through third parties to clients such as banks and investment houses envious of its unique capabilities. One key modification by agencies such as the CIA and Mossad - not disclosed to most users -- is a secret "back door" that permits those with the right codes to enter databases undetected, retrieve and/or alter information, and leave without a trace. PROMIS has been extensively reported as being used throughout the world's financial markets because of its versatility in facilitating international transactions. 

 Further clouding the issue of pre-attack stock screening by U.S. intelligence, the Canadian daily revealed that U.S. police said many of the suspected terrorists were apprehended (and detained) "through use of the state-of-the-art computer software program PROMIS."

 In March 2000, CIA director George J. Tenet told the Senate that Osama bin Laden's group (Al Q'aeda) was "embracing the opportunities offered by recent leaps in information technology." A FOX News story and stories in FTW disclosed in November that Osama bin Laden was believed to have the software.

 The issue of CIA monitoring of stock trades follows on the heels of wide reports indicating that investigators are carefully probing the insider trading with its resultant profits, reported to be in the 10's of millions of dollars -- some of which a Deutschebank investor has yet to claim.

A promis is a promis

 Crispell also declined comment when asked whether the Treasury Department or FBI had questioned CIA Executive Director and former Deutschebank-Alex Brown CEO, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, about CIA monitoring of financial markets using PROMIS and his former position as overseer of Brown's "private client" relations. [Note: Krongard stayed with A.B. Brown to head "private client" operations after it was acquired by Banker's Trust in 1997. As Krongard was leaving in 1998 to join the CIA as counselor to Director George Tenet, Banker's Trust was acquired by Deutschebank. Banker's Trust had been previously criticized by the U.S. Senate and regulators for money laundering.  Krongard was promoted to Executive Director at CIA in March 2001. - MCR]

 Wide reports -- including a 9/28/01 story in the Asian Wall Street Journal and a 10/1/01 story in The Guardian -- indicate that investigators are checking Deutschebank's alleged links to Saudi "private banking," terrorist bank accounts, and $2.5 million in unclaimed United Airlines (UAL) put options profits; however, no government acknowledgement had ever been given of CIA's alleged use of PROMIS software prior to the attacks.

 In a recent phone conversation, when asked about alleged terrorist ties to Deutschebank and potential pre-attack CIA trade monitoring via PROMIS, Treasury Department spokesman Rob Nichols remarked, "This is clearly an interesting line of questioning regarding conflicts of interest."

However, news searches indicate that no member of Congress has publicly questioned whether wealthy terrorist-connected Saudi nationals participated in the private client operations of Deutschebank-Alex Brown. Osama bin Laden and almost all of the alleged 9-11 hijackers are of Saudi nationality. Also, no member of Congress expressed public interest in asking Krongard about whether or not the CIA affected "real-time" pre-attack trade monitoring using PROMIS software at any location.

[Note: Under a program known as Echelon, the governments of the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand routinely circumvent prohibitions on domestic electronic spying by having the agencies of the other governments do it for them. - MCR]

Michael Ruppert, editor and publisher of From The Wilderness (FTW) newsletter (, has been interviewed by both the House and Senate for his expertise on illegal covert CIA operations. He said recently that, "It is well documented that the CIA has long monitored such (suspicious or unusual) trades -- in real time -- as potential warnings of terrorist attacks and other economic moves contrary to U.S. interests."

Ruppert was the first to point out after 9-11 that CIA Executive Director Buzzy Krongard has extensive past ties to Deutschebank-Alex Brown.  Ruppert added, "There is abundant and clear evidence that a number of transactions in financial markets indicated specific [criminal] foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks...and the firm which was used to place put options on UAL stock was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now in the number three position at the CIA."

Ruppert also confirmed that two October 17 calls to the FBI resulted in spokespersons declining to give their names after revealing that "the FBI has discontinued use of the PROMIS software." Moreover, on October 24, Justice Department spokesperson Loren Pfeifle declined to answer any questions about where, when, or how PROMIS had been used and would only say, "I can confirm that the DOJ has discontinued use of the program." This followed almost 17 years of denials by the FBI and the Department of Justice -- in court and under oath -- that they used the software at all in a law enforcement or intelligence capacity.

Krongard's current lofty intelligence community position, combined with his prior leadership of a financial institution allegedly connected to terrorist hijacker bank accounts [see Part II], suspicious UAL options contracts, and "private banking" is so controversial that it has not as yet sparked any official investigation. That said, the evidence is substantial enough to potentially expose the prior-knowledge issue -- if Congress chooses to act.

And while Treasury Department official Rob Nichols agreed that unresolved conflict of interest questions remain, the CIA Executive Director is still currently charged with supervision of the U.S. intelligence investigation of his former firm and its "private banking" operations.

Reuters has reported that Krongard "was [also] involved in setting up the CIA experiment into investing in high-tech companies with the goal of acquiring innovative technology for its own use."

Commenting on the CIA's venture capital firm In-Q-Tel, started in 1999 to encourage development of private-sector technologies for use in the intelligence world, Krongard said on August 1, 2001 -- just 5 weeks before the Trade Center attacks -- "I think In-Q-Tel's a wonderful accessing the capabilities of the private sector."

On October 16, Fox News reported that, according to sources, accused Russian spy and FBI agent Robert Hanssen sold high-tech PROMIS software to Russia, and that Osama bin Laden allegedly purchased it from Russian organized crime sources.

Fox reported that, "Government officials suspect bin Laden may have the highly sophisticated U.S. government software that has been used by several other governments, including the United States, for classified intelligence and law enforcement information."

The admission by U.S. government officials that PROMIS was widely used by a number of governments further blurs the pre-attack stock monitoring issue since intelligence officials will likely continue to decline comment, save for closed-door congressional oversight hearings or challenges by those victims' families choosing to bypass settlements adjudicated by the Attorney General's office in favor of intervention by the courts.

The buck stops where?

Tom Crispell, the CIA official, was cooperative while attempting to maintain intelligence confidentiality in the face of what he termed as "ongoing investigations surrounding the Twin Towers tragedies by the CIA, FBI, Justice, and Treasury Departments." However, this was in great contrast to an FBI spokesperson who refused to offer either his first or last name, while declining comment on any matter related to events of September 11.

During a series of calls, some spokespersons quickly attempted to defer and deflect questions to another government agency, i.e. "We don't deal with that issue. Call the other [entity]."

However, many would agree, given the evidence, that the 9-11 terrorism is closely linked to economic issues. President Bush has stated that this is "economic warfare." Yet few appear to be questioning an apparent paucity of critical information sharing among key government agencies on the issue.

As U.S. investigators retrace the financial trails connecting the Twin Towers, terrorist hijackers and their accomplices, many of whom may still be in the country, evidence is being turned up by FBI, CIA, Justice, Treasury and NSA that does involve global banking conglomerate Deutschebank-Alex Brown.

$2.5 million unclaimed UAL investor profits

For example, according to a 10-19-2001 Wall Street Journal report, an unnamed investor purchased 2,000 United Airlines (UAL) put option contracts through Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown on September 6 -- betting the stock would shortly plummet.  And USA Today reported that an individual purchased 810 UAL puts on August 6.

A Baron's source claimed on 10-8-2001 that the pre-attack UAL order placed through Deutsche Bank was for 2,500 contracts which were "split into 500 chunks each, directing each order to different U.S. exchanges around the country simultaneously."

According to San Francisco Chronicle reporters Christian Berthelsen and Scott Winokur a source familiar with the UAL trades said investors have yet to claim $2.5 million in profits on contracts purchased before United airliners crashed into a New York Trade Tower and a deserted Pennsylvania field on September 11.

The Chronicle source also identified Deutschebank-Alex Brown as the investment firm used to purchase some of the UAL options; and Rohini Pragasam, a bank spokeswoman, declined to comment on the transaction.

The source (who requested anonymity) said, "Usually, if someone has a windfall like that, you take the money and run.  Whoever did this thought the Exchange [NYSE] would not be closed for four days. This smells real bad."

The German news weekly Der Spiegel revealed that Deutschebank also handled accounts worth about $100 million for Osama bin Laden's family. These were part of 10 accounts it suspected were linked to terrorists or terrorist activities and which it later handed over to German authorities after the attacks, according to a report in Britain's The Guardian. But no further comments have been forthcoming from the financial giant.

German Central Bank President Ernst Welteke said a study -- concerning principal hijack subjects residing in Germany and unusual patterns in short-selling of insurance, airline and other financial company shares -- pointed to "terrorism insider trading" in those stocks.

The SEC Is Investigating

A phone interview with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) press spokesman John Nester, of the Washington, DC office, revealed that the Commission, "has already forwarded a general request to Deutschebank-Alex Brown and other investment firms for unspecified information related to the suspicious put option contracts placed prior to the attacks on the Trade Towers and the Pentagon." But the spokesman declined comment regarding the identities of complying banks or the contents of any information obtained.

Nester augmented his response by adding that "according to SEC Associate Director of Enforcement Bill Baker -- who just spoke on a panel outside New York last week -- our SEC probe is much broader than investigations made by countries in Europe (who also lost citizens), many of whom have already closed their financial investigations of investment banks like Deutschebank." No results of those probes have been made public.

While the SEC media director said "the investigation is still ongoing with no current conclusions," Nester (speaking for the SEC), had difficulty explaining the job description of current New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Executive Vice President for Enforcement, David P. Doherty. He would only say that the NYSE "regulates itself as an SRO or self-regulating organization...." This vague answer is all the more provocative because Doherty is a retired General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Nester added, "The SEC has oversight responsibility regarding the NYSE, and we are also working with Justice, Treasury, and the FBI, having set up professional point men at each firm we are looking at -- so we don‘t have to reinvent the wheel every time we call a company [related to the attacks] to get an answer to a question."

The "reinvent the wheel" statement raised an eyebrow regarding the level of corporate cooperation in the investigation, although Nester declined to add further comment.

In Spite of CIA Ties the NYSE Is Little Help

When asked about the status of the investigation into the disproportionate pre-attack stock option trades involving United and American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Marsh and McLennan Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, and American Express, etc. -- all icons of American capitalism -- NYSE Communications Director Ray Pellecchia said, "We don't even confirm that there is an ongoing investigation."

"We report to the SEC as a matter of course," Pellecchia added. But after being referred to as a "persistent piece of work," this writer asked Pellecchia to discuss Doherty's role in the investigations.  He said, "We stand by this statement."

And after pressing for information about what the NYSE is actually doing to investigate the suspicious trades on behalf of thousands of victims' families who may be concerned about the "prior-knowledge" issue, Pellecchia still declined to confirm that Doherty's enforcement office had even sent a report to the SEC.

When asked why so many former key CIA executives currently hold, or have held in the past, top level executive management positions connected in some way to the stock market via either the SEC, NYSE, or other investment banking entities, Pellecchia replied tersely, "I am quite aware of Mr. Doherty's background and experience."

Pellecchia also declined to discuss anything related to current CIA Executive Director A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard and his past relationship with Alex Brown.

Expecting Miracles?

Questions remain as to who will ultimately take center stage in investigating conflicts of interest or the real-time monitoring of world financial markets by U.S. intelligence entities to protect national security; let alone terrorist ties to wealthy Saudi private clients at global financial institutions having direct access (via correspondent banking relationships) to U.S. banks.

For while thousands of American families, victimized by terrorism, still remain numb with grief, information is being advanced daily regarding what could be described by some as casual, if not negligent, long-term, slipshod governmental responsiveness to fundamental internal national security and safety questions -- or worse.

Tom Flocco is a freelance writer and researcher. (email:

What Is Important and What Isn't

Important: President Bush's decision on December 13, for the third time in American history, to invoke executive privilege by refusing to surrender FBI records to the House Government Reform Committee. A Constitutional crisis may be in the wings. Chairman Dan Burton *R) declared, "We've got a dictatorial president and a Justice Department that does not want Congress involved. … Your guy's acting like a king."

Not Important: The Osama bin Laden "smoking gun: video. (Yawn)

Important: As the government moves ahead with unspecific plans related to smallpox, anthrax and Ebola - and as a new Ebola outbreak sweeps through central Africa - five of the world's leading microbiologists, including Dr. Don C. Wiley of Harvard have died suddenly or under mysterious circumstances in eight weeks.

Important: A loosening of restrictions in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) that allows secret wiretaps to be initiated when only a "significant" purpose is the collection of foreign intelligence rather than the "sole purpose."

Important: Enron. Enron. Enron!

Important: India and Pakistan

Correction: In last month's "Timeline" story we incorrectly identified the British operation which moved 23,000 troops to Oman as Operation Essential Harvest. The correct name is Operation Swift Sword.


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