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Links and Additional Sources


  • Center for Cooperative Research – The Most Comprehensive 9-11 timeline of all.
    A research bonanza.
  • Prudent Bear - Incisive and useful economic analysis from Marshal Auerback (frequently seen at CBS MarketWatch) and others on key economic developments.
  • Oil - . Compelling work by 9/11 investigator Mark Robinowitz adding more knowledge to how the pieces fit together.
  • The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas
    IASPO is a network of scientists, affiliated with European institutions and universities, having an interest in determining the date and impact of the peak and decline of the world's production of oil and gas, due to resource constraints.

    It presently has members in: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

    1. To evaluate the world's endowment of oil and gas;
    2. To model depletion, taking due account of economics, technology and politics;
    3. To raise awareness of the serious consequences for Mankind.

  • Richard Heinberg – THE PARTY'S OVER From the professor who wrote the most comprehensive book to date on Peak Oil, its importance and possible solutions, a web site connecting to his monthly newsletter.
  • - Website of the Senior Expert of the Iranian National Oil Company – telling the truth about Peak Oil.
  • – Understanding how the money works is the key to understanding how real political and economic change can be achieved. As I have said over and over, with respect to Peak Oil, 9/11, the war on drugs, political corruption and global war, until we change the way money works in our system we will not be able to change anything. Economic “Da Vinci” Catherine Austin Fitts – former Assistant Secretary of HUD and past Managing Director of Dillon Read – explains why something called “the Pop” make it impossible for us to change anything by attacking the limbs of the “beast” rather than its heart. Simply put, the best economic research site on the Internet!
  • Where is the Money?  A New Interactive Web Site Hits You in the Face Over the Enron-Style Looting of the US Treasury and What It Means to You Personally
  • Global Research - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and colleagues provide first rate analysis of econiomic, political and historic events in the new World War.
  • -- A new national site aspiring to serve as a clearing house for all 9/11-related activities, protests and developments. Laid out with a broad scope intended to appeal to mainstream Americans who may not be as versed in detailed 9/11 research, this site covers and reports on a wide variety of 9/11 activities. While FTW does not agree with the likelihood of success of all these activities, we do encourage any effort which can attract mainstream Americans new to 9/11 into further research.
  • Mendofornia Town Action Group -- With over 80 link categories, supported by 2,500 links, Mendofornia forums will reveal a vast wealth of information that supports the public at large.
  • BLACK BOX VOTING -- Vote Tampering and why the 2004 Presidential election can’t be trusted and may have already been decided. The California Recall was just a trial run.
  • Sanders Research Associates -- Pioneering economic analysis from Great Britain that holds nothing back and where nothing is sacred. Great cartoons!
  • GATA - Gold Anti-Trust Action -- The power of physical gold and why its price has been suppressed. The current break out is just the beginning.
  • Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy  A whole new generation of young American military personnel is being victimized in Iraq by extended tours, depleted uranium, forced vaccinations and mystery illnesses. There is one major obstacle that prevents these veterans, as well as those who have gone before, from receiving fair treatment. It is called the Feres doctrine. FTW opposes what the US government has done since 9/11. But two wrongs don't make a right any more than they did with the abysmal treatment of veterans from Gulf War I and Vietnam. Young men and women trusted their leaders and were misled. Then they were abandoned and abused. It is happening again and we will soon see a whole new generation of walking wounded. Click here to find out how to prevent it.
  • Global Public Media - Excellent in-depth research with industry insiders and top scientists on the reality and effects of Peak Oil.
  • - Chasing the truths of 9/11 and putting pressure on the Independent 9/11 Commission as it tries to hide the facts.
  • Hermes Press – Absolutely wonderful art work and piercing commentary and educational material on oil, our new fascism, mind control and the American Reich:
    These folks do a great job of finding important news stories, Congressional correspondence, monitoring Capitol Hill and bringing the print news stories you don't want to miss right to your inbox.
  • Scoop Media -- Fearless investigative journalism from New Zealand. The name is justified!
  • - Chilling and useful looks into the future as Peak Oil hits home.
    An excellent Spanish language website looking at Peak Oil issues - Reprints of FTW stories in Spanish as well as newsletters from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas - Plus other articles of interest in Latin America.
  • MIT's Effort to Provide Citizens With As Much Info About Government as They Have About Us
  • Online Journal -- Great reporting and analysis!
  • GNN: Guerilla News Network -- Filmdom's newest renegades. With on Sundance award under their belt, these guys are changing the world with their art
  • Center for Public Integrity
  • Life After the Oil Crash
  • – More hard reporting on Peak Oil.
  • Peter Dale Scott, PhD -- Various writings from my good friend and mentor.
  • The web site of Dale Allen Pfeiffer – FTW Contributing Editor for Energy
  • The Propaganda Preparation For 9/11
  • The Vince Foster Cover-Up
  • Gulf War Veterans
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty's Site
  • The Center for an Informed America
  • Brian Willson's Site
  • COINTELPRO – Excellent research on how the government and the FBI sabotage dissent and trash potential leaders.
  • Depleted Uranium
  • TWA 800!
  • -- Dan Hopsicker has contributed so much to our kowledge of 9/11 and before that, covert operations and the drug trade.
  • Mel Martinez Hot Seat - Florida’s Republican Senate candidate leaves as HUD Secretary to run for the Senate. What role did he play in the 2000 election and what hasn’t he done to account for billions of you missing tax dollars. A way to hold politicians accountable.
  • The Activities at Mena
  • The Gary Webb “Dark Alliance” series that gave Mike the 1996 opportunity to confront a CIA Director in person.
  • A new and terrific web site exposes how the controlled left press including The Nation, FAIR, Pacifica, Z Magazine, Noam Chomsky and many other "liberal" icons are influenced and/or controlled by big business and intelligence interests. Incredible work by Bob Feldman and Brian Salter. These are the publications and entities that have waged an all-out war against FTW.
  • Archived Cynthia McKinney Website

HOW TO TELL IF A PROPOSED LAW IS REAL AND WHAT ITS STATUS IS --There is an easy way to track critical legislation through Congress.  For information on legislation before the House or Senate, go to There is an input box by "bill number" and another optional box where a word or phrase can be entered. Just by using appropriate key words you stand a very good chance of finding the bill you're looking for. From there you can see exactly what its history is.

The "loc" in the address means "library of congress". For all the gullible ones who have been sucked in by the disinformation campaign around the fictitious NESARA, start here. If it's not listed, it doesn't exist.



One of the keys to fighting the system is finding ways to stop feeding the financial and economic system that enslaves Americans and people in the industrialized world. In one sense this involves finding legal ways to operate on a personal level, in many of the same ways that big banks and the federal government operate on the systemic level, that do not cause the same kinds of harm. One of the problems faced by activists and researchers trying to change the political system is that many people who might otherwise be open to information are so absorbed in the daily grind of economic survival and paying bills that they have little energy or resources available for study, activism or political work.

The only way to beat the financial edge held by major corporations, banks and government is to disengage from economic and medical slavery. Some of the strategies offered involve breaking free from debt-based enslavement, a corporatized medical/health care system, and protecting one's assets from a system that makes money by destroying life rather than improving it. As the impacts of Peak Oil become more apparent and unavoidable, individual survival – and the survival of one's family – will be based in part upon one's ability to operate outside an artificially imposed system which limits personal freedom and choice.

After extensive research, FTW can recommend the following two sites for more information and education on ways to increase personal options in an uncertain climate. Both of these sites are commercial ventures which charge for their services, and rightly so. The information they provide has been accumulated at great expense and the services they provide are, in our opinion, well worth the investment in expanding one's consciousness and personal options. The fact that FTW has ongoing business relationships with both entities reflects our experience with the real value of the services they provide. We have dealt with these entities for an extended period, evaluated their various products and services, reviewed their customer care and participated in their events before making these recommendations to you.

FTW's endorsement has never been for “hire” to anyone. That is why FTW does not accept paid advertisers. We wouldn't be bringing this information to you unless we believed in its global importance and had checked it out for ourselves.


Pinnacle Quest International

PQI offers a broad range of educational services and access to various privately-owned businesses, research organizations and enterprises which offer personal financial services, innovative local and digital currency strategies outside the Federal Reserve system, and astounding medical and health care options which do not feed corporatized medicine. Some of the information is so valuable that – in order to be effectively and thoroughly discussed – it is best presented in an offshore environment. Both Mike Ruppert and Catherine Austin Fitts have lectured at these events. PQI offers a broad range of survival and growth strategies for today and tomorrow.

Broad-based in its subject areas, but extremely selective in its screening process for contributors, PQI is becoming the international meeting ground where innovative thinkers and great minds are developing strategies for the next stage of human evolution and survival. There are lots of people out there pursuing strategies that are incomplete or based on faulty information. PQI is doing it right and you can take it to the bank!

Global Debt Solution

Global Debt Solution (GDS) is a Membership Network dedicated to increasing the freedom and prosperity of individuals and families. Even though most of the educational knowledge has existed for decades, or longer, it has not been applied due to the fact that it is not taught and has been suppressed by a controlled and corporatized media.

GDS is hoping, person by person, family by family, to educate the world. In addition, GDS offers other Freedom Technologies provided through its network affiliates and solution providers.  Debt enslavement is a bondage that can be broken.


A really great resource.


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